Welcome to Grace Mountain Diaries

Welcome to Grace Mountain Diaries! 

I have been wanting to start blogging for over a year now. It began as an idea to meld my real life with my Etsy shop (CrochetASmile).  But my desires changed, life got busy, and I put it off. Starting a blog came back to significance after sharing at a MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) meeting with my church. It awoke a vision, a completely different vision, for this blog. This blog would be a place where Jesus is known, where women are encouraged, and where we can be real together.


I should begin by introducing myself. My hope for this blog is that you will find community here. That begins here, with me.

I’m Ashley. Over the last few months, I have been undergoing a change. I like to think of it as ARISING. I am being TRANSFORMED by GRACE. And it has been amazing, exhausting, and emotional. I don’t think I have ever cried more than I have these last few months. But these tears have been beautiful. They have been a shedding of old, a leaving behind my old ways, and my (although at times, begrudgingly) picking up of new. I have fallen more and more in love with Jesus in this time. And have been a recipient of His GRACE more times than I can count. These last few months have been a time where I have been free to BLOOM.

I am also wife to my high school sweetheart. He shows me what it means to be patient, selfless, and kind – even when I am unlovable. We have adventured together and shared much of our life. I am mom to 4 little ones. They are my constant reminder of God’s love for me. They are also one of His main means of refinement in me. They bring me joy, grace, frustration, and happiness – and love me in spite of my failings and my mistakes. I am so grateful to have these roles, these people to call mine.


Starting out blogging, I really thought my name would be CrochetASmile. Really, I have 600 business cards to prove it. But in these last few months, I have realized that I want to write about more than just the normal day to day life, the behind the scenes of CrochetASmile. I want to share what I am learning, to encourage, and to have real discussions about life. I still want to share my crocheting, because it is a part of me. But that will not be my focus. Instead, the focus will be on creating a community of women who can be honest and open about life – the messy parts and the beautiful parts. The parts where we have run the wrong way but have been covered by GRACE.


GRACE because it is my one little word for this year. It tells of a love so great, so undeserving, and so overwhelming. It is the exact way that God has been loving me. He has been oh so gracious to me.

MOUNTAIN because…well, really, because I have 4 kids. So everything I do, is a MOUNTAIN. Seriously. When I do laundry, there’s a mountain of it. When I do dishes, it’s a mountain of them. When IF I make dinner, it’s a mountain of food. And I, of course, have a mountain of yarn. Really. My kids tell me to stop buying yarn. But it’s so pretty.

But even deeper than all of that. My life is a MOUNTAIN that I am climbing. It’s beautiful and scary all at once. At times it’s a peaceful hike, on a clearly marked trail with beautiful flowers. But other times its hard. I’ve lost my way, and need a friend to help me find my way again. I cling to my Map, His Word, to guide me. But still there are other days, when I feel alone. It seems that the trail has gone and I am left standing on the edge of a cliff. Yet, there He is. He shines His light on the Way. And I see. I see that I am not alone. I am here, He is here with me, and He has placed me in a beautiful community with women that encourage me and are not afraid to do life with me. We climb this MOUNTAIN together. We rejoice in the beautiful parts and we cry together in the scary, alone parts. But in the end, it is beautiful. And it is GRACE.

DIARIES because I promise to be honest. I promise to bravely step out and say YES to what God lays before me. I will share my journey truthfully with you.

I truly hope you join me in this journey. I believe climbing a mountain is best with friends. Will you join me in this beautiful and scary adventure?

Rocky Mountain National Park

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Grace Mountain Diaries

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  3. It is so great to finally start reading your blog, Asbley, because I have wanted to/been meaning to for awhile now!
    YES, I plan to walk with you on the grace journey! I cannot get it out of my head ( or heart?) that maybe, just maybe I should blog too. It is so refreshing and beautiful to open up and be vulnerable- good word! You are an inspiration!


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