Road Trip


Before I begin, I need to start by saying: THANK YOU. Thank you for reading and encouraging me. But more than that, thank you for sharing the stories of YOUR JOURNEYS with me. The kind messages I received since my last post were examples of the community I wish for this blog. So THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the journey with me and for allowing me to come alongside yours.


This weekend, my husband and I decided to surprise our oldest 2 kids with a winter getaway. It equated to 14 hours of driving for, basically, one full day of winter fun. Some of you may think I am completely insane – and really, I wouldn’t argue with you! But somehow I convinced my ever wonderful husband that this was totally and completely worth it!

Can you tell? I LOVE road trips. My love began when my husband took me out west after we got married. We would drive west and visit National Park after National Park for 2 weeks. Something ignited in me. I felt ALIVE and FREE!

There is something about the FREEDOM of the open road. There is a PEACE, a QUIET, and BEAUTY there.

The night before we left my heart was bursting with excitement. The anticipation of the road trip was killing me. I was like a child before Christmas. Seriously. I hate mornings, and the morning of our trip, I was practically begging my husband to just let us leave!


Driving on the straight expressway for miles upon miles, I was struck by just how HAPPY I was. The burdens my heart had picked up over the last month were lifted and I was at PEACE. I felt LIGHTER. My heart REJOICED. I was FREE. I DELIGHTED in the journey, the scenery, and the beauty all around me.

As I was driving, I got it. (Honestly, I grabbed my phone and had Siri take some notes down right then.)

I loved all of this because I was made for it! We all were.


It wasn’t the road that freed me. This trip wasn’t my joy.

It was God. It always was, and always is.

He used the empty road to bring me back. Back to stillness. The quietness of the road reminded me to be quiet. To hear God’s words over mine.

The excitement of the journey brought me back to the TRUE JOY I find in God. The excitement I have when I read the Bible and hear Him speaking right to me.

There’s JOY in the journey. But it serves greatest, as a reminder of what we were created for, Who our hearts were made to delight in.

We were designed to live free, to delight in the world around us, and in His magnificent GLORY.


That drive home didn’t feel as joyful. I was heading back to reality. I began to tick off the appointments and adding to my weekly to do list. How was I going to hold onto this FREEDOM? This JOY? Honestly, I had a headache the entire drive home.

We live our hurried lives, full of schedules that tie us down. Full of our own ideas of what our life should look like. And we forget. We forget about freedom and what it feels like. We loose that peace and we loose our joy.

I didn’t want to forget. I don’t want to forget.


It’s funny. I was challenged to really spend some time in the Psalms. It isn’t one of favorite books of the Bible – but I have been seeking, craving GRACE. So here I am. And each day, God speaks to me. Some days it’s something “small.” And others I cannot help but cry. The words could not be more meaningful to what I am going through that day.

As we were driving home, longing to be pulled back to stillness, I reflected on one of the Psalms I had read that weekend:

“RESTORE to me the JOY of my salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”              Psalm 51:12

Yes. I need that joy restored. Over and over again. I’m a slow learner, or really, I’m a very very stubborn learner. And I forget. I so easily get sucked back into life and I forget. So each day I come back. I refocus and I try to remember, once more. That JOY. And I am in awe of it. I am at peace from it. Oh how I wish I could share all of the notes, all of the big and little ways God has been speaking to me through the Psalms. But instead, I can only challenge you to sit. Spend time, being still. Find your Joy. He is waiting, and it is beautiful.

“Be STILL before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself…”         Psalm 36:7

Will you commit with me, to find yourself spending time reading the Bible each day? I promise, it will do your heart and soul so much good! 

The Drive to Michigan

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