This is How We Do It: Grocery Shopping


Have you ever been asked how you do it all? No matter what you do: work, work & home life, or as a stay at home parent; how do you do it? ALL of it. 

I know people mean this as a compliment. It’s said to those that seem to be handling juggling life pretty well. It’s said to those who must have finally figured out the perfect way of managing time to complete everything and make everyone happy.

I am going to ruin this for you – but I am not that person. I know, it’s kind of a shock. I am amazing. (I am also ever so slightly sarcastic.) But really, I am NOT that amazing. I most definitely do not do it all. And if I did, I really would not be doing it very well.

In fact, I am writing this as I sit on the couch, staring at piles of clean but unfolded laundry. Laundry that is now strewn around the family room floor because my 18 month old is slightly unhappy that I ignored his requests for endless snacks. But how I do laundry is for a different day.

So why am I telling you this? Why am I breaking down whatever “competent, do it all, stay at home mom” image I had?

I’m sharing my messy life, because I want you to know that I don’t know what I’m doing. Yes, I may have figured a few things out. But if having four kids has taught me anything, it has taught me that I have a lot to learn and that I need to constantly adapt and learn new ways to make life work. I am always re-evaluating what to prioritize each day. And really, when I should just scrap it all and go play outside. If I’m honest, that happens the most.



I am co-hosting a link up with a dear friend of mine, Lori, from The Boutelle Family. We will be sharing how we accomplish day to day tasks and inviting others to link up and comment with their ideas. We love that we can all come together, give suggestions and share new ideas to encourage one another, and hopefully, make our day a little easier. Today, it’s grocery shopping and meal planning. Being completely honest, I am excited to read what you all share! I am constantly looking for ways to make day to day life work better and smoother!

HOW I SHOP I’m going to be super honest. I shop for everything at Target. And not even a Super Target. I go when at least 2 of my kids are in school. I go with a list of my “must buy” items, but otherwise, I wander and buy from ideas I’ve had or based on what’s on sale. I do not meal plan. At all. Instead, I guess. I probably look insane, wandering aimlessly through Target, frequently doubling back when I realize my meal ideas have gone a different direction, searching on my phone for the recipes that reside in my head, scanning items into the Cartwheel app…all as I push a cart filled with frozen waffles for Man-Child, as Baby Boy maneuvers his way out of the seat belt into an almost surfing stance. So I’m not at all surprised when at least half the Target employees on weekday mornings recognize me.

But somehow this craziness has worked for us. Some weeks I have to run out for a missing ingredient. Some weeks I end up scrapping my plans and freezing the meat. And other weeks I amaze myself. But usually, we end up with a mix of a few nice meals and a few quick & easy meals.

But I know summer is coming, and though I am planning summer camps and activities, I cannot guarantee that I will always have less than 4 kids with me when I go grocery shopping. In the past my husband has gone shopping after work. This was great, but hard. I never had lists ready (because I don’t meal plan), so we never had all the items on hand to make real meals. I have taken all of the kids shopping with me, but I prefer not to. It ends up being too stressful for me and for Boy Child. So here I am, mom of 4, really and truly eager to learn what you do, how you make grocery shopping and meal planning fit into your life, and how you make it work!

If you blog, link up with your This is How We Do It: Grocery Shopping post! I know Lori and I are eager to learn your tips!

If you don’t blog, leave a comment below with your meal planning/grocery shopping tips! 

And be sure to check out the posts linked below! They will be sure to give you some new ideas on how to make grocery shopping and meal planning work better for you! 

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18 thoughts on “This is How We Do It: Grocery Shopping

  1. Love you & love this post! 🙂 I love that we do this totally differently, yet it works for both of us! And I think we should just send our husbands after work from now on 😉 Thank you for co-hosting this with me, friend!


  2. If all else fails, frozen waffles must make their way into my cart too. They are a staple in the food pyramid of my family. 🙂 Thanks for hosting the link-up today!


  3. I make a list but it’s getting more tricky BC my kids now have stronger opinions about what they want. I also usually don’t make a plan till right before I go shopping. Another thing we’ve been doing recently is shopping at Costco every couple of months so we get a tin of staples there and often decide what to make after we look at what we have on hand. Then my weekly shopping list is a little easier BC I just need to shop to fill in the cracks.


    • Yes, Naomi! We recently started doing Costco and I’m loving having some staples in the house. Although I have to admit I only go when the husband can come with me because I have a hard time figuring out which items are actually a good deal!


    • I know, it’s a bad habit I picked up when I lived by a Super Target. And now that we moved and I don’t live by one, I just haven’t dropped the habit. I like I can do all the shopping at once. However, there are times (especially the winter), when I can’t find as much produce at Target, so those times I do find myself sending the husband text messages of items to pick up on his way home from work.
      Funny enough, my husband is an auditor (read super practical/money conscious…), and Target’s prices actually aren’t bad! We get a few bulk items at Costco once a month, and when possible I try to stop at Aldi’s for a few less expensive items, but all in all, the prices at Target for groceries are pretty comparable to grocery store pricing – or better when coupled with coupons/Cartwheel app/and the Target Red Card.


  4. I. Hate. Grocery. Shopping. I never go in without a list and a plan because running back out is my pet peeve! Sometimes Dan is kind enough to do the shopping or pick up random things when I forget. I usually plan and cook three big meals each week and then we feed off the leftovers on in-between days. When we have kids who are old enough to eat real food, I’ll probably switch to a weekly rotation so I can keep the planning light.


  5. I love this — in a world of Pinterest and Instagram-perfect facades, it’s so nice to know that we don’t have to have it all together!

    As a single professional, my grocery shopping looks a lot different, but I’ve also developed a bit of a system over the years that works for me. While fully planning meals out for a week is too structured for me, I generally do a “meal plan” on the weekend that has two “big cooks” that I can do on Saturday & Sunday that will provide lunches and leftovers for the week, plus a few smaller “filler” meals that are easy to pull together after work (salads, pasta, etc). I try to get all my shopping done on the weekend as well. I find that if I can do a mini-meal plan and get my shopping done on the weekend, I stay generally well-fed and within budget. 🙂


    • Thank you! Yes, I definitely do not (and cannot) compete/compare with Pinterest! I love being honest and open, especially with my mess. I’ve found so much love from honest community and strive to build that type of honest community with everything I do.
      I like the idea of your mini meal plan. I think part of my problem with meal planning is it stresses me out. The days aren’t extremely predictable yet, and the idea of having to do x y or z stresses me. I probably don’t help that I’m so type A, if it’s scheduled it HAS to happen! 😉 I may try those small filler meals too! My lunches could be drastically better! 😉


  6. I love that you don’t meal plan, I don’t either! I *probably* should get better about it, but I like wandering the aisles of the store too! Maybe when I have more kids in the future that will change, but it works for now! Thanks again for hosting such a fun link up, I can’t wait for the next one!


    • Thanks Liz! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the wandering aisles! Somehow it just works, today we happened to have all the ingredients to make a pot roast. No idea how that happened, but I’m counting it as a win. 😉
      It’s funny to me, because technically, I am a planner. But having 4 kids changed me and helped me to be way more laid back. Because I have to. They gave me no choice. And I’m okay with that 😉


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