Joy: A Product of Thankfulness and a Provider of Freedom

I have been thinking a lot about JOY lately.

As I was getting my littles down for naps, the other day, I was struck by their joy. It seems so easy for them to find it and to express it. Just a smile or a tickle from me elicits free and wild laughs. Giggles that never end. They experience extreme and boundless joy when their dad comes home from work. They surprise me with the depths of their joy over simple and small blessings.

I find myself watching them and wondering: When was the last time that I laughed so free. When a simple act made me feel so joyful.

I don’t want to give you the wrong idea – I am a happy person. I find time for myself and I have the honor of being a stay at home mom. I love my life, my family, my home… But am I “tilt my head back with laughter” joyful?


As I think on joy, I keep coming back to thankful. Shouldn’t a posture of thankfulness produce joy?

If I am truly listing and numbering those gifts, those blessings, the small and big ways that I am thankful – shouldn’t I be experiencing that same boundless joy? If I am thankful each day, shouldn’t I be overly and abundantly JOY-FILLED?

Maybe. And maybe not. I know that I do find and feel joy as I take the time to remember all the things I am thankful for. I know that I find joy in the act of remembering God’s faithfulness.

I think it’s the way joy looks. It can be harder to see joy in this stage of life. Between the constant movement, the interruptions, the watchfulness, the constant noise, the activities and schedules. Joy can seem fleeting. It almost feels like it’s hiding.


Yesterday, a dear friend of mine was at church. They had just had a baby and I was genuinely surprised to see them. And I was JOYFUL. I literally (and perhaps, embarrassingly) ran up the steps to sit near them, to hug them.

Then the sermon was about JOY. About how joy, blessing, comes after obedience. You know how I get message after message until I finally stop to listen. So here it was. Again. Something I had been thinking on myself, mulling over. Joy.

So I thought. I listened. I took notes. And I realized. I AM JOYFUL. God was, and continues to, show me joy. It is there, it is for me. And it is in my life. It is in my thankfulness list, and I am continually reminded of it as I add and continue to number my thankfulness.


But what’s more, there is FREEDOM in JOY. There is freedom to lean in, to trust God. And to KNOW His blessing.

Psalm 97:1 (Yes, this is the Psalm I read today. If you haven’t read the Psalms before, I would love if you would join me in reading a Psalm, or 2, each day!) says this:

“The Lord REIGNS, let the earth REJOICE…”

It is so simple. Just 7 words. The Lord reigns… So rejoice! That’s it. There aren’t any constraints on joy, true joy. It doesn’t say – If the Lord reigns AND your life is easy and happy, THEN rejoice. No, I can find joy because God is in control. Period. That’s it.

I can be joyful because God is sovereign. I can find rest in His power, knowing that He is in control. And because God is in control, I can rejoice. And again, because He is in control, I have freedom.

My friend, Lori of the Boutelle Family, told me this week, after our feedback appointment for my sweet Boy Child (more about that appointment this week. You can read more about our journey, here), that it is okay to embrace the joy. To find freedom in it. I don’t know why, but sometimes, freedom can be a hard thing to embrace. It recognizes that you do not have the control you thought you did. Freedom can be hard. It can look different that you expected. But it feels…oh it feels JOYFUL. This week has been a roller coaster, but through it all, I have been challenged to be obedient. To find my joy. And to let it free me. And to rest in the God of All.


Now does my joy look different than my children’s joy? Sometimes. And that’s okay. I don’t find joy from climbing onto a chair. And the most difficult part of my day is not getting back down from said chair. We are different. Our goals, our knowledge, our tasks are different. Why wouldn’t we experience and express joy differently as well? And when I do feel that joy like a child, the joy I felt when I ran to my friend, it is equally beautiful and freeing. It reminds me of the joy I  felt when I was a little, myself. And in this instance, it reminded me of the beauty in community, the treasure of a friend, and the joy found in relationship.

Today, as I dug in the dirt, pulling weeds, preparing the gardens, my joy looked different. (And no, the irony that I was cleaning out the garden and removing the weeds, while thinking on my own heart and clearing away the lies, is not lost on me.) My joy rested. It was thankful. Thankful for this land to care for and for a job well done.

Though my joy may look differently than it did when I was little, it is still JOY. It is beautifully perfect because my joy can rest. It rests in obedience to my God. My joy is whole and unshakable because it KNOWS the God of the universe. Because He cares for me and loves me.

So I will continue to obey. To walk in faith. I will follow Him. I will continue to number my thankfulness. And I will continue to find and experience joy. Simple and pure JOY.

I hope you join me, as I choose joy. 


Next week, I will again be hosting a link up with my friend Lori from The Boutelle Family. It will be about finding our quiet time, our me time. This is something I have really been embracing lately, and would love for you to join us! For more information about how the link up works, please visit our first link up

19 thoughts on “Joy: A Product of Thankfulness and a Provider of Freedom

  1. This made my heart really happy. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the parallels of the lessons that God is teaching me in the simple and routine things of my daily life. Thank you for the articulate and beautiful reminder that joy isn’t situational, it’s a choice that’s readily accessible.


  2. I love this post! So many good truths! And thanks for the mention 🙂 I don’t even remember saying that specifically to you, but I absolutely believe it! Also, side note – I dug up weeds today too 🙂


  3. There’s something so precious about childlike joy, faith, and trust. I agree with you about the connection between thankfulness and joy. I often get derailed when I let fear creep in between the two. I’m so thankful for what I have, then I start to fear that horrible things will happen, and I never actually make it to joy. Kids are so good at either not having fear in the first place or getting over it quickly, and I’m trying to learn to do the same!


    • I agree, there is so much we can learn from children! (Spoiler: I am actually prepping a few posts about just that!) I think the heart to children’s joy is trust. They experience fear, but they still remember that someone is there. Which is why I think thankfulness is a producer of joy – with thankfulness, the act of remembering produces trust. When we fear, which is okay, we can go back and remember that God is faithful and good. And true joy can be found.


  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about joy lately, too! I read somewhere that children laugh over 300 times per day and adults average laughing ONCE per day – how discouraging is that?! But then I think of my own life and even as I play with my daughter, I smile a lot but I don’t belly laugh as often as I’d like! I think when we grow up we lack FUN even if we are able to find joy and contentment in our daily lives doing routine activities, if that makes sense! — Lisa | Two Martinis


    • It totally makes sense, Lisa! I find contentment so much easier, I see the grace in the everyday – but the laughter – that doesn’t come so easily. Just the other day, as I was pulling weeds – but grumbling but not giddy with excitement, my 1 year old came to help. He was thrilled with the excitement of pulling bits of grass and hauling it in his truck to the lawn bag. And that’s it – finding joy in those simple things, like a child!


  5. What a beautiful piece and a great reminder to stop and be grateful. Sometimes I get busy chasing down this or that thing that I forget to really enjoy what is truly meaningful. I certainly would be more joyful if I practiced gratitude regularly.


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