This is How We Do It: Me Time

I am so excited to be co-hosting this link up, once again, with my friend Lori from The Boutelle Family. Especially on a topic so close to my heart – me time, quiet time, crafting time, writing time…whatever you want to call it – that time when you are doing something for yourself.


For me, me time has looked like a lot of different things: I enjoy reading and writing, so when I make time to do those activities – that can be me time. I also enjoy crocheting and scrapbooking – more me time. I have enjoyed exercising and really, need to start that up again…but that’s a discussion for another day. My most important me time, is the time I spend in the Bible. 

Though these actions can occur during my me time, the sole act of them happening does not mean I am enjoying me time. Having an Etsy shop, I have had to find time to crochet. However, there were times that my crocheting time – which is usually a me time – became more about my small business than about my rest, my growth. The me time hobby was there, but the growth and rest were completely missing and were replaced with deadlines and stress. 

Your me time may look similar or it may look completely different – and that’s great! Because me time is such a personal thing, everyone’s me time will look different. In the end there are two characteristics of me time that apply to everyone. 

I like to think of me time as a time where I am doing something that is growing me. Me time is also about finding rest for your soul. 


I need to be honest. I haven’t always been intentional about me time. Or rather, I haven’t always been intentional about quality me time.

As I have grown, attended college, began working, had children…my me time has changed and adapted, and honestly sometimes completely disappeared. About two years ago, I was having a hard time fitting me time in anywhere. I had 3 children, was expecting my fourth, and I just couldn’t find time in the day. Life was hard – my boy child was having really hard days, we had speech therapy for my man child, and nap/preschool schedules to work around. My me time was used to catch my breathe.

One day I was challenged to spend a lot of time reading my Bible each day. For me, it was actually harder to commit to reading a small amount because I would push it off until the end of the day, and by then, I was too tired to read. I knew I needed something more and jumped at this chance. (If you are the same way, here is the reading plan I tried to do. DISCLAIMER: it still took me about a year, but I did it!) I was surprised by the ways I could make time to read and even more surprised by the ways it changed me.

Finding time for myself, intentional time for me to grow and find rest, altered my attitude, outlook, and me.

During this time we tried moving twice and began therapies for my boy child. Honestly it was a hard time for us. For me. But during this time, I faithfully continued my me time. I read my Bible and I crocheted, restfully. I may have been broken, but I was learning. I was growing.


Now today, I need my me time. I have chosen to be extremely intentional with my me time. At this stage of life, my day is completely block scheduled (every 1-2 hours of the day is scheduled for something), and if me time did not get scheduled, it may not happen. Really it just wouldn’t.

WHEN: After dropping the school aged littles off at each of their schools, I come home (some days I run 1 errand first), eat breakfast and start my me time. The remaining children (1-3 depending on the day) are left to do some independent play. I have about 1-2 hours of dedicated me time before I leave to pick up littles from preschool. (I confess, I also use this time to throw a load of laundry in.) Since teething has been in full force lately, this time has seriously dwindled. I am feeling the effects of it in the weariness of my soul. I know we are in a season of life (busy for my husband’s work, which means less help at home) where we are just running a little more ragged. I also know that I can only get through this with grace. And so though there are chores that need to be done, and children to cuddle and play with – I choose to first, sit. In quiet (please note: quiet here means relative calm, joyful screams are still occurring).

WHERE: I sit at the bar in our kitchen. It is open to the rest of the house (so I can see and hear the littles, wherever they venture), has a hard surface to write, and isn’t so accessible for the littles that they will come and cuddle attack me.

HOW: I’m going to be honest right now. We both know, you cannot just leave 1-3 littles alone for 1-2 hours and expect nothing bad to happen! So I leave a few snacks in the kitchen for baby boy. I also take out some of his favorite toys and leave them on the coffee table. I know he will still come and climb up the bar stools, but I have things already set up to encourage him to play independently. I also enlist his big sisters help. She loves to play imaginatively with him, and he adores her, so it’s great to give them a reason to play together. And honestly some days I just have to cut my time short because, well, teething. It’s terrible. And killing my me time and therefore my sanity.

WHAT: During this carved out oasis of my day, I read my Bible, journal and blog, and read. These are activities that I find restful and transformative. During nap and bedtime I carve out some time to crochet and exercise (okay not recently, but back when I wasn’t slacking). I love these activities too, they are restful and grow me, but in a different way. Knowing I have a limited amount of time in the morning, I prioritize me time that grows me the most and will get me through the day.


I don’t know where you find yourself with me time. But honestly, each and every one of us needs a break. Really, you do. It isn’t just a luxury, something you will have one day.

Even if you can only carve out 5 minutes. Do it. You need a break. Give yourself grace. Find a time to pause and rest. It is important. I promise you this time will grow you. And as you find those 5 minutes, you will become better at finding more snippets of time. And you will continue growing and resting. But take that step. Give yourself the grace to find rest. Even in the busy. Even in the mess. Grace for you. 

How do you find time for you? This is such an important topic to me, and I’m excited to hear how you make it work! Leave a comment or link up your blog post, below. 

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24 thoughts on “This is How We Do It: Me Time

  1. I love the way you make time do to this in your daily life. I totally agree – we all need a few minutes of time like this each day! Thank you for co-hosting with me 🙂 So grateful for you!


  2. Wow! You have expressed this wonderfully, so true that we need me time and stretches when I don’t get that time, I definitely feel the toll on my mind and spirit. My me time now is mostly during my boys afternoon nap (hence why I am posting!) 😉 most days I am able to sync up their nap times. I also try to get the boys in the stroller and get my me time in by walking and I can do some exercise and reflecting – always ends with celebrating my 2 yr old sitting by stopping by the playground.


  3. love this. You’re so right that even if it’s only 5 minutes, it’s worth doing. My me time comes in random pockets these days because naps make my schedule unpredictable, but I try to make time to read and write, my loves.


  4. I completely agree about the need for me time. At this moment in time (please let it continue) my two little ones share a nap in the middle of the day and this is when I have me time. I would be lost without it, it really gives me the energy and resets my brain so I can last the rest of the day 🙂


  5. Me time is so important. I need it to maintain my sanity. Aside from being a nicer mom when I get a little time to myself, my kids have learned to be a little more independent (even though I am in the next room).


  6. I love reading how you are purposeful in making time for yourself each day. I truly appreciated your wisdom and thoughts in sharing this!! Thank you so much for a wonderful link up! I am loving connecting with so many other lovely bloggers!!!
    🙂 Rebecca


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