The Reality of Quiet Time

After my last post, This Is How We Do It: Me Time, I realized I need to share a few things. So here we go, Me Time Part II.


So many have commented that they squeeze in me time during naps and bed times. Me too, friends, me too! Are you kidding, I think the only way I have any sanity left, are those glorious breaks in the day, where technically my children are supposed to be quietly napping! The last 5 years have been like that for me too. I even switched my 1 year old to one nap/day earlier than he really should have so that my two youngest could nap at the same time. That is how much I needed need naps/quiet times to happen. Right now, I find myself in a strange place where my eldest is in school every day, my second is in school 3 mornings a week, my third is in school every morning, and I am left with one child. That coupled with the strange 1-2 hour break in the morning, basically waiting to pick up the kids from preschools, has given me this glorious time that I can intentionally carve out for me. Well me and a few random errands, diaper changes, laundry, and dishes. But mostly for me. (Truth time, right now, I am also using it to go through a box or two that never got unpacked from our basement.)

And come summer, I will have to start again with finding a perfect time for me. Sadly, with my 2 olders, nap time is less about me and more about the older kids. I pray I can still find a way to carve out some morning time for me, and some independent time for the kids. If I’m honest, having them all home with no plans FREAKS ME OUT. I love having slow mornings, and I think I know quiet time is so important. So this is me, honestly telling you, I may have a great quiet time schedule right now, but in a month, I will be back in the old boat – scrambling trying to scavenge a few minutes from our day here and there, that can be just for me – to help me grow and find rest.


Honestly, some days are just plain hard. Even for me, with my “free mornings,” with one or two children. There are days when 3 kids are home because of strange schedules. We have sick days. And really with a toddler running around, our days are just plain unpredictable. Some days I don’t find time for quiet until the end of the day. And usually by then, my quiet time turns into literally sitting in quiet. Or binge watching Netflix.

Somedays, all of those things happen at the same time, all while your husband is traveling and you just shared about how glorious your me time is. Someday was yesterday.

We are currently battling teething + the will power of a fourth child who is 1, but is pretty sure he’s at least 7. He is quickly wearing me out, especially when we are also battling sickness, anxiety, and strong will with the other kids. My hands are full, and I’m wearing out. I know that what I need most in these times is quiet time, but usually, it’s in these times that it’s the hardest to find it.

Yes. I believe that me time is great and, really, oh so important. But truth is, friends, me time has to be fluid and scheduled too. Because, really, that is how life is. We schedule and are intentional. But sometimes, the littles we do life with are not going to go along with our schedules or our intentions. So we adapt, sometimes well and sometimes not so well. And when it’s the latter, there is grace. And if you are as blessed as I am, there’s also a friend who will bring you “yummies.” IMG_2695

So all you Mamas out there, give yourself grace. Be intentional about finding time for yourself, whatever it looks life. Commit to growing and finding rest. And when the life gets in the way and changes the course of your day, rest in the grace that is there. And try again tomorrow. You are worth it.  


9 thoughts on “The Reality of Quiet Time

  1. Great post and makes me feel like I’m not the only wife with the struggle! Even though you read all these other bloggers it’s still hard to remember you’re not alone in it sometimes. My husband and I are trying for our first baby, we have a foster child already and many teens in and out of the house. Makes me nervous about how I’m going to get anything done when a newborn enters the picture! Thanks for the encouragement and for being real. Gotta give grace!

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    • Thank you, Kimberly! Just remember there are seasons and they fluctuate faster than we know or realize. And remember that even in those seasons, you need time for you. Even if for only 5 minutes. Find that time so you can be the best Momma to those littles (and bigs!). You’re already doing, you’re already amazing! And can you tell, I’m kinda all about that grace. πŸ˜‰


  2. I completely get this. It’s the same for me. I will have a season of things running smoothly and plenty of me time. Then BAM! Seasons where it just isn’t!

    I enjoyed this post! I’m popping over from The Peony Project today.


  3. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the same day you post something, you need to relearn it for yourself? Happens to me all the time. I think if you had four hands, they’d still all be full! I’m glad you’ve found time for yourself in the midst of this schedule, and I hope you find some new time, even if it looks different, this summer.


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