Crochet Adventures: April

This is the first crochet post on Grace Mountain Diaries. I kind of cannot believe it! Since my posts this week have been focused on Me Time (you can find the posts here and here), I thought this would be the perfect time to share another aspect of my me time with all of you!



Easter was coming up, and honestly, we have enough toys and I knew family would overload us with candy (I still have a gallon bag and large bowl filled with candy that my kids I am trying to eat away). So instead, I buy a fun “character” t-shirt and I crochet something for each child’s basket. I tend not to leave myself much time to do these projects, so I try to choose wisely. All four projects were able to be completed within the 7 or so days I gave myself!


I started with baby boy because last Easter, I made him an Amish puzzle ball, and didn’t finish it until after Easter! So this year, I wanted to make sure his gift was done first!

I saw this fox pattern and just fell in love. It was a free pattern (bonus!) and it didn’t have too many parts to create and then sew together. So I KNEW this would be a great one. I decided to give him a scarf and embroider on my little’s initial. For the scarf, I wanted it to be made horizontally. Chain 10 // DC in 3rd stitch from hook and continue across // Chain 2, DC across // Continue until length desired.

I love this plush toy. Sadly, Baby Boy, does not care at all. As an aside, my children think it’s hilarious that I embroidered an M on the fox’s scarf. Because if it’s actually the fox’s scarf, the initial would be for the fox, not my child. All I can say is good point. M must be for Mr. Mr. Fox. (I know, I’m brilliant at naming toys. But hey, I already had to name 4 kids and 3 pets!)



I have finally organized my craft room loft, and now that I can see all the colors so easily, I decided I wanted to make something colorful for Goose. I love all of the patterns from All About Ami, (and they are free!) so I decided to make this bunny. Again, this bunny did not have many pieces to make and then sew together, so I knew it would be great. The yarn I used for this bunny was an amazing cream yarn with some tan speckles running through it. I wish I knew what yarn it was, but the label was missing, and since I am a yarn hoarder (please, I cannot be the only one!), I don’t even remember when or where I got it. Sigh.


Anyway, back onto the making of this adorable bunny. I decided to give the body some stripes, by alternating colors for rows 5-8. If I made this again (which I probably will, it’s adorable!), I would begin adding the striped rounds at row 3 or 4 and continuing them until row 9. I also altered the tail from the original pattern. I decided I wanted something a little fluffy and whimsical, I actually almost sewed on a little pom pom. I decided against it because she sleeps and cuddles her plush toys and I didn’t want some manufactured hair in her mouth while she was sleeping. For the tail: Chain 100 // go back and slip stitch in every 10th chain (or so) // When you get back to the beginning chain, if it isn’t “poof-y” enough, you can always add more chains and repeat this process. I would also edit the flower and make the beginning chain length a little shorter – I prefer the more understated flowers.

Goose LOVES her bunny. She has a place of honor on her bed and even gets chosen to sleep with her once in a while. She was ceremoniously named “Rose Bunny” (yes, we are a very original family).

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender_1


This was a hard one. Man Child has only a few loves: Angry Birds, Star Wars, Super Heroes, and Legos. I knew that anything I made would involve a lot of extra sewing, and at this point I only had 3 days left. He already owns plush toys of the Angry Bird characters, so I decided to go for it, and make Luke Skywalker. I found this pattern from A[mi]dorable Crochet (again, a free pattern!). I love this pattern, but there are a lot of pieces to attach, which is normally fine, except under the time crunch I had voluntarily placed myself in. This created a few problems: – Somewhere, somehow I messed up on the hair. I still have no idea what happened, other than that it is way too long. I “fixed” it by sewing it closer and tighter around poor Luke’s head (probably why he isn’t smiling). I would also have loved to make a way for the light saber to hook into Luke’s belt, but with the time crunch, that extra step couldn’t happen.

Man Child liked Luke, although at first he thought he was an angel and was seriously disappointed to have received a girl toy. Luke now resides under my son’s bed along with some dirty socks.



Boy Child is similar to Man Child, in having only a few loves: cars, Daniel Tiger, and Superheroes. So, I decided to make him a Captain America plush. I found a few free patterns, but I LOVED this one from Jennifer Chittum. This is the only pattern I purchased, so the $5 price tag wasn’t too bad. (Side note: I have no problem purchasing patterns. I appreciate the time the pattern writer took to write their pattern out, so I don’t have to! Hello, mom brain here! While I usually purchase patterns – and lots of them – for Etsy projects. For my own projects, if I can get by with free ones, I prefer it.)

I LOVE this toy and am seriously, so thankful for the pattern that allowed me to make this in one evening while watching Captain America with my husband. AND added bonus, even Boy Child loved it. In fact, as I’m typing this Boy Child and Cap are taking a nap.



Honestly, one thing I love about creating my own stuffed animals is it’s so organic, I can create and alter as I decide. Each toy (and really, everything I create) was created and altered to be what I wanted it to be, regardless of the pattern (except Luke, we already discussed his bad hair day). Remember, patterns are a guideline for you, so you don’t have to do the math and the measurements. But you are still the creator. This is also one reason I never pin anything in place when I am attaching pieces! I know, I know, most crocheters pin to keep things symmetrical… but I believe that handmade items should never be perfect. I am not a machine. I am proud of my human-ness, and would prefer to create items that are uniquely them, they cannot be recreated. Now, this is not to say that I try for imperfection. I still want everything to look as close to perfect, as humanly possible. But when one ear is slightly off from the other, I smile (and maybe wonder if I should redo it for a few minutes), and continue on. It is perfectly imperfect. (And that’s beautiful and GRACE-filled too!)


This post is part of the Hookin’ on Hump Day Link Up with Moogly and Petals to Picots.

I do not receive compensation of any kind by linking to any pattern, paid or free, nor any crafting item. Links within my blog are simply items I love and want to share with all of you!

13 thoughts on “Crochet Adventures: April

    • Thanks, Daisy! I think that bunny is my favorite too!! Crocheting, for me, is so relaxing and allows me time and space to be creative, still, and time to reflect. It’s definitely one of my favorite me time activities. 🙂


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