What’s Up Wednesday

Today’s post is a little different than normal. Honestly, I have a few things I really want to write about, but I’m tired. Not like fall asleep right now tired (although I could), but just exhausted. This weekend was busy. Full of good things, but too many good things and not quite enough rest – kind of tired. As I am beginning to really look into all this summer holds (all amazing!) and trying to schedule/plan/organize appropriately I find myself: exhausted, weary, and maybe a little worn.

And when I saw this “What’s Up Wednesday” prompt, I thought it sounded fun! So here I am. Linking up with Shay, Mel, & Sheaffer.

WUWquestions edit


Shocker, but I have no idea. I should probably get on this. But…I’m definitely going to put this off until tomorrow. At approximately 3:30 when I start to think about what I’m going to whip up for dinner at 5. And since it’s supposed to be a beautiful day, I probably won’t think about it until it’s 5 o’clock and all of my children start to get “hangry.”


Greg and I went to a wedding this weekend. It was beautiful. During and after the ceremony I found myself remembering the little nuances of our own wedding, 10.5 years ago. We were so young, really with no clue what the future would hold for us. And this morning, as I buckled my 4 littles into the car, to get them to school, I wondered where the time went. How we got here. A beautiful and grace-filled “here.” But weren’t we just in college a few years ago?!

wedding 002

And while we were at the wedding, I got to see my sweet niece, Lila. I love getting to see her, hold her, and remember that once upon a time my littles were that little too.



SPRING! It’s finally here. Most days at least. Kind of.

Really, I’ll take this mostly, sometimes nice, kind of dry-ish weather over the harsh winter we had. The kids and I are spending our days outside, playing and relaxing. Honestly, there’s some yard work to still be done (like finishing my vegetable garden!), but instead, I have been finding rest in the outdoors. I have been seeking peace and grace as I sit watching my littles explore and find simple, backyard adventures. And I love it. A lot.



This is a hard question! Our days are filled with school, homework, playing outside, and soccer. But in between all of that we have been (trying) to get our vegetable garden planted. The only problem is – I have grand plans and it has been raining every moment my wonderful husband has been able to help me. I chose an area of our backyard that is easily accessible, has lots of sun, and: loads of grass, bushes and mulch. So my poor husband has been tasked with the job of removing the grass, bushes and mulch. And an ant hill. So far we are about half way there. The kids are getting excited as I plant the first round of vegetables (some tomatoes and cucumbers). They love to work in the garden and this year, were promised their own sections within the garden! Boy-Child had some seedlings he brought home from school a few weeks ago. Miraculously, I did not kill half of them. So his section already has some watermelon, tomatoes, and beans planted. I’m crossing my fingers that they do well! We are hoping to get the rest of this garden finished this weekend. Praying the cold, rainy weather forecasted for this weekend stays away! [I don’t have pictures of the vegetable garden yet. Honestly, because it looks half dead. But I am hopeful that everything will take. Follow me on Instagram, if you want to see updates of my garden, life, and some encouragement!]


The next few weeks. They are the last weeks of school for the kids (basically. Though Boy-Child has extended school year through July). They are also the last few weeks before we go to Florida! So really, the kids are anxious to be done with school and get to the beach already. Okay, I admit it, so am I. We go and stay at the same resort each year, and truly, it is one of my happiest places. There is a beach at the resort, so we can go hunt for shells and play without getting sand into our van. And we still get naps in! #winning



I am currently crocheting a bunting banner. I don’t really know what I’m going to use it for or where I’m going to put it. Honestly, it may end up on Etsy. It’s made with yarn I had on hand when I was making another garland for spring, and well, I’m kind of loving making garlands right now. It’s a project that comes out of my me time. I think what I love about making garlands is that they are the perfect relaxing project. There are no instructions needed and no measurements to be conscious of. It’s all just creating. [Don’t mind the strings hanging down or the fact that the banners are curling in on themselves. It’s still in progress.] 🙂



Did I mention we are going to Florida in a few weeks?! Seriously. Sun, beach, and a road trip. Yes, please. Really, I’m just plain excited for this summer. We have a lot of adventures planned and even a “last minute” added trip. We have our Florida family trip coming up soon, which we all always look forward to! Then we had planned to take our eldest 2 camping near Lake George NY. It will be there first real camping trip and I am so excited for the adventure.

Our added trip, or really, my added trip is Greece. My family is having a reunion in Crete and I had decided not to go. It wasn’t in our budget and I didn’t want to miss our own family vacation away. But my ever gracious husband basically forced me to go! I still cannot believe I am getting the opportunity to go to Greece, to see where my grandmother grew up AND to experience it all with her!

Yeah. So I’m slightly looking forward to summer.



I am LOVING American Pickers on Netflix. I love reality tv and prefer things that I can watch, while I do other things. That doesn’t sound a lot like rest, but I like something on as I crochet or sit. Mostly sit and eat candy. But still. There will actually be a post coming about what I am learning from this show. And no, it isn’t how to negotiate well or how to be a “picker.”

I have been continuing to read the Psalms. Today I read Psalm 107 and was in awe of the ways God continues to redeem and deliver us. I cannot wait to share more of my thoughts from this chapter with all of you!


Honestly, we have 6 cds on in the car. They rotate. Technically. But in all reality, the kids ask me (force me) to play their church cd. Every.single.day. I love that they sing along to the songs and that they help us all to refocus our mornings as we get to school. So yes, I am that mom doing the choreographed dance moves to my kids church songs while we wait in the drop off lines at each of the 3 schools. If you are that mom too, please wave as we pass each other. It’s nice to not look crazy alone.


Jeans and a t-shirt. I need to get out to get some new spring and summer clothes. But it just hasn’t happened yet. Which is fine, because let’s face it. Most days I end up in the mud or the mucky water that sits at the base of our driveway. Or covered in food from Baby Boy. #momlife Am I right?!


Lots and lots o’ soccer games. And hopefully some gardening.



No school. Florida. Lots and lots of family time. That will probably look like this: plus some screaming.



Hmmm…our veggie garden. Can you tell, we get kind of consumed by a few tasks at one time. And nothing else can enter in until they are completed?


We love burgers and brats. And of course, some hot dogs for the kids. Throw in some fruit salad and some veggies (hopefully from the garden!) and everyone’s happy!



15 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Grilling season! Love it. Seriously can’t wait to get some chicken breasts and some steak on the grill. Also, really wanting to smoke some pork. Oh, now my hard boiled eggs for breakfast are not appealing at all. 😦


    • Haha! So glad I read this after I ate my oatmeal for breakfast! It definitely wouldn’t have seemed at all great! 😉 I’m so with you! Once grilling season hits, I love throwing anything we can on it! 🙂 And bonus, it means, I have less to cook!


  2. Aw, I loved catching up on your life a little! I don’t usually do posts like these either, but they give such a good snapshot. I chuckled at the “covered with food” and also last week of school shenanigans. My students are all reaching the end of their terms, which means they’re either stressed about finals or already completely checked out– neither is fun!


    • Thank you, Daisy! It was fun to do something a little different! Sigh, the kids and their crazy are definitely reaching an all time high! I think we are all on the checked out side. I’ve even been terrible about our schedule. Not good at all! 😉


  3. Good luck with your veggie garden & send some of that rain to California! We are in a major drought!
    I am looking forward to summer also….2 more weeks of school!
    Thanks for linking up with us! 🙂


    • Thank you for the fun link up, Mel! I really enjoyed participating! I heard about that drought, so crazy the way some areas have had no rain and others (like Texas, especially) have too much! Trying to embrace the weeks of rain here. At least it means not having water the garden! 😉


  4. I love these kinds of posts — they’re perfect for when I’m too tired/busy/creatively drained to write anything profound, and they often give me new ideas out of the “normal” part of life. I’m so excited for your trip to Greece this summer! Looking forward to many pics and posts!


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