Marriage & Learning What’s Important: Part Two

Welcome back! I loved sharing part one of what I have learned through 10 years of marriage. If you missed it, be sure to check out: Marriage & Learning What’s Important: Part One. I am back again today with Katie from Hot Tea and the Empty Seat for Part Two.

Part Two. Part Two is kind of like my marriage. Right now, we are in part two. We have kids. Four of them. And they are glorious. But they are little too. And they need us. All.the.time. And so I start to forget Part One. I start to shift my focus.

But Part Two is so much more than a marriage with kids. It is about the importance of marriage. Period. It is about the importance of your spouse. So today, Part Two is for you, just as much as it is for me. I am taking time to remember. To refocus.

Click here to read more about Part Two and the importance of marriage.

5 thoughts on “Marriage & Learning What’s Important: Part Two

  1. Like Lindsey, I just left a longer comment on Katie’s blog before finding yours here. Thanks for writing it. As a new(er) wife and new momma, my soul craves this reminder. Hope you have a blessed week, Ashley!


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