This Is How We Do It: Dinner Time

I am always so excited when it comes time for a new This Is How We Do It link-up with my friend, Lori at the Boutelle Family Blog. Today we are talking about Dinner Time.


Before I go any further, I need to tell you: Dinner Time for us does not look good. Seriously though. It is a mad race to get food on everyone’s plate before Baby Boy decides to throw all of his snacks appetizers and his cup at his siblings. (He actually has developed exceptional aim over his 20 months of life.) Everyone is usually talking, asking for a condiment (ketchup. No matter what we are eating., more water, napkins (because we are always running out of napkins!)… Or they are complaining. Complaining that they don’t like chicken. They don’t like vegetables. They no longer like ketchup (because some days they are completely insane). And we go round and round in the craziness. By the time everyone gets their food, are reminded that I do not care if they like their food or not (because cooking one meal is more than enough for me, thank you very much), and the food throwing ceases – I get to sit down. We chat about our day, we talk about thankfulness, we are reminded about our Heavenly Father and the grace He gives. We act like normal people. It’s wonderful. Then my Man-Child gives the dinner a rating of thumbs up/down or some variation therein. If the suspense is killing you, it’s always a thumbs down. Some days I get excited when it’s only half way down. Seriously. The only foods that have gotten thumbs up (outside of the obvious desserts) are: Little Caesars & Barnaby’s Pizza, hot dogs, and I think something else but at the moment it is escaping me. But we have established, he is a food connoisseur of sorts.

Some days my husband is home for dinner, but right now, in his busy season of work, he usually isn’t. And that’s okay. We all know and appreciate the hard work he is daily doing for our family. Some days are hard and we miss him, but he usually makes it home for bedtime. But that is another story. If he is home, he helps out and the craziness I mentioned above gets cut in half. Or it doesn’t because Dad listens to complaints and, well, cares more.

The problems with Dinner Time actually start before it even is close to dinner time. I am not a meal planner (shocking, if you read my Grocery Shopping post). I do not start to think about dinner until 3:30. Man-Child has come home from school, eating a snack while I go through his back pack. We get homework started, I start to look at what I can possibly make that will be ready by 5pm. (We have early bedtimes so, yes, we eat dinner at 5). Usually right as I’m making some kind of progress with ideas, Baby Boy wakes up from his nap. It takes him a little bit to wake up and be chipper. So we snuggle or I am too busy helping Man-Child so Baby Boy follows me around and cries. I am still struggling with dinner, but now there are 3 littles talking to me and asking me questions. On those long, hard days, we end up with hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets/fingers, sandwiches, mac & chesse or cereal/waffles. Honestly, there may be more hard days than easy ones. So if you find yourself here – and think you are failing – STOP. You are awesome! You fed your kids dinner. That, friend, is a WIN! Seriously. And you are not alone in your meal. Because chances are pretty high that we ate one of those meals today too.

On our good days, those days I felt like I was making progress in not so long ago, but have since lost all motivation…we make chicken fajitas, tacos, meatballs, chicken and pasta… I think our favorite is tacos. I slice up fresh vegetables and lay everything (except the meat) out on a plate and let the kids build their own tacos. The kids pile on the vegetables and I smile knowing they are getting days worth of vegetables in this one meal. Really. I’m also smiling because no one is yelling at me…yet. The only downfall we have is when the tacos start to fall apart (we use tortillas) because of the massive amounts of vegetables added and the strange ways they eat tacos (biting it from all sides). As I’m typing this I am laughing, imagining the crazy ways my littles eat normal foods.

Anyway…dinner time. We have a love-hate relationship. When I’m on my game it’s great. When I’m not, it’s a mad dash. How about you? Any tips or tricks you can share on how you make dinner time a thumbs up? If you have a blog, we would love to have you link up with us. You can find the guidelines below. Don’t have a blog, but have a great tip – I would love if you left it in the comments! Because clearly, I need some help!

And if you love the This Is How We Do It series as much as I do, here is a look at the next topics coming up! We would love to have you join us!


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23 thoughts on “This Is How We Do It: Dinner Time

  1. I love co-hosting this with you, friend πŸ™‚ And I laughed at your oldest’s thumbs up (or down rather). He’s got pretty exquisite tastes πŸ˜‰


  2. Haha, I love “really I’m smiling because no one is yelling at me”. For real. That’s how I feel on pasta night so I almost always want to make pasta. Thanks for giving us a glimpse, you get thumbs up from me.


  3. Tacos are the PERFECT family friendly dinner….and it figures, my kids won’t eat them. You have given me a nudge to give it a go again though….because they would totally become a weekly occurrence in my house if I could get the boys on board. I’m aiming for a taco revolution this summer now….. #goals #lol


  4. Thank you for “keeping it real”! In my perfect world, meal times would be so much more organized and healthy but in my motherhood world sometimes it’s simply survival. Sharing this! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you so much, Erin! I so appreciate your encouragement and support! I live in that same “perfect world” too. πŸ˜‰ Now if I could figure out transferring that to the one where my littles are crazy during meal prep time. …


  5. Haha, all of this is oh so true!!! My girls are 14, 12 and 9, and the 9 year old STILL hates 95% of my food. In fact last night I made scalloped potatoes and ham and she said, “yum mom, this is excellent!” We all stopped eating and stared at her, that’s how abnormal that comment is, lol! I just linked up!


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