Celebrating Dad

It was April, 8 years ago. The month we found out we were expecting our first little. It is also my husband’s birth month. We celebrated and shared the news of our little coming soon. And we celebrated my husband’s birthday.

Which brings me to today. As we celebrate my husband. The father to my littles.

Except we aren’t. Because we are still driving home from our family vacation in Florida (you may have seen pictures if you follow me on Instagram).

We don’t do very much for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We pause. We say shout “Happy Father’s (Mother’s) Day.” We give handmade gifts and cards (really the best kinds!). And then we continue with our regularly scheduled crazy.

So today, as we wearily and seemingly endlessly drive through Indiana, I reflect. I pause. And I remember just how blessed I and my children are by my husband.

He is the man that works for us. He tirelessly wakes each day. Works long hours. And still prioritizes us. Even when it’s hard. And inconvenient. And means he will have to work more that night or that weekend.

He is the man that makes time for us. He makes each and every one of us feel special. Not just me, but each child. He takes them out, spends time with them, and loves them in a way that only Dad can.

He is the man that encourages each of us. He speaks words of encouragement and love with each breath. He praises each of our efforts, even when we only see failure. And he encourages us to continue. To keep trying. And when we do, and we make it… Oh the joy he shares with us. It is incredible. And it makes us feel loved.

He is the man that lovingly points us to God. He reminds us of the love of our Heavenly Father. He is quick to forgive. He reminds us who we are and ultimately, whose we are. He reads and prays with us daily. He encourages questions and lovingly answers each one. Even at bedtime.

He is the man that selflessly give his all. For us. This bunch of crazy that can be so different from his laid back persona. This strong willed, stubborn, and loud family. His strong willed, stubborn, and loud family. And he loves us. (I like to think that we keep his life far more interesting than if he just had a family full of easy going quiet people.)

He is the man that shares with us. Even his milkshakes, his desserts, his candy. While I sit and hide them all. He is generous with his time, his love, his words, and his patience.

ย ย 

And we can all learn much from him.

So today, and everyday, we celebrate you. We are thankful for you. And we remember just how truly blessed we are to call you friend, husband, or Dad.

And we SHOUT: Happy Father’s Day!



16 thoughts on “Celebrating Dad

  1. Happy Father’s Day to your husband – tell him I say thank you for being such a great husband to my sweet friend ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, I love that pic of you guys on the beach!!


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