Power to Flourish {#WholeMama}

I sit here today. Blank. Devoid of thought. Struggling to think on the word “Power.”

I don’t know if it is the current world events. The struggles that the people of this world are facing. In their communities and within their own hearts. The lines being drawn in the earth that we are tired. That.it.is.enough. That it is time to stand against the power of privilege. Time to stand against the power of hate. Time to stand for the marginalized. The forgotten. To stand firm. With power.

Black Canyons

I don’t know if it is potty training my Sweet Boy-Child. It is only day 1. And I have been peed on. And he has had 6 poop accidents. That might be too much information. But friends, if you only knew. And maybe you do, maybe you’ve been there or find yourself there too. And if you haven’t, you are welcome to join in on this mess anytime.

So today. Tonight. I sit. And I am just here. A little raw. A little tired. And in need of some power.

And when I think of that word, power, in regards to this thing called motherhood, I think of the power it takes to be a mom. To mother, and to mother {mostly} well. The power it takes to fight for your littles when they cannot fight for themselves. That power that recognizes when something isn’t right and fights for it. Even when that means you are not understood. Even when that means you are marginalized. You fight. The power to endure screaming, not sleeping, not eating well, never being alone, never having silence, and I could go on and on and… The power to do it all. The power to be it all. To be everything for everyone. To do everything for everyone.

And I am tired just thinking about it all. Thinking about all mothering has come to be. To mean. To do. The weight of it all. All falling on one flawed human being. And here I am. Raw. Telling you, I.AM.NOT.ENOUGH. I’m not. I cannot be it all. I cannot do it all. I can hardly do some. And that’s okay. In fact, that’s great. Because I was never meant to do it all. To be it all. To be enough. No, I was meant to be me. And that is something I have been learning these last few months. That I am more than mom. I am more than wife. I am more than a crocheter or a small business owner. I am a child of God. And HE. He, friends, is enough. All I am asked to do, is follow Him. Follow where He leads and obey. Right now, part of where I am is mothering. I am a mom. But that is not WHO I am. And when I step back and remember. Remember that I love being a mom. I love being a wife. I love having a small business. But when I remember that I love God. Spending time with Him. Hearing His voice. When I see the things I love to do through the lens of Whose I am, I have power. I can rise up. I can mother better. With power. Without exhaustion. I can love my husband better. I can love those around with more intention. And I can be Christ to those around me.

That is true power. And when we cling to that power, we have the power to flourish. To come alive. To grow into who we were designed to be all along. When we cling to that grace-filled power, we are free. Free to more. Free to love more. Free, even at times, to do more. Because more work done with a strong God, doesn’t feel like work at all. Instead it feels like thriving. It feels like growing. It feels like rising up. That is power. And that, is grace.


Today I am joining Esther Emery for the #WholeMama link up. I am excited to be in a community of mama bloggers that are willing to be real, vulnerable and honest. But most of all, that can show the amazing beauty and grace through it all. Each week we will be discussing one word and what it means to each of us. I would love if you joined in too! You can find more information on the original #WholeMama post, here.

47 thoughts on “Power to Flourish {#WholeMama}

  1. I’m not a mom, but sometimes I feel like I’m not enough. I want the power to do everything successfully. Then I realize that no one is all powerful. I think it’s a struggle we all face. I feel like true power is realizing we are not perfect and realizing we are just fine as we are.


    • Yes, this principle can apply to so many life stages! I think when we all are honest and vulnerable, we can empower one another. We no longer have to pretend and struggle. We can embrace our not enough, our imperfections, and our mess. Thank you for stopping by!


    • Thank you, Adriana! I think this completely applies to all stages! We are always told to fight for perfection and rated based on our accomplishments. It is such grace that we can remember and lean into who God is and who He made us to be. Even in our imperfection. 💛


  2. You did a beautiful job of describing power. Moms have power and so do dads but it is truly through the grace of God that we know who we are as HIs child. Thank you for your call to stand firm and to stand in the power that allows us to flourish. Blessed to be visiting you from #TellHisStory


  3. I have three kids and the potty stuff is not for faint hearts. Hang in there! There’s so much freedom on the other side of clearing messes and setting timers and finding the strength to be excited by every “success” for a few weeks. Buy yourself some flowers so you have something beautiful to look at, (and smell,) too. ❤ 🙂


  4. Oh girl, potty training is not for the faint of heart …so I hear you and I feel you and I cheer you on that this too shall pass (and that you’ll come away with some incredible stories at the end of it, if nothing else:)


  5. Such a precious post, sweet friend! You are doing an amazing job, and God is shining through you in so many wonderful ways! His strength is made perfect in our weakness, and as my precious Mom used to tell me in my weak moments, “He is pleased the most when we lean on Him the hardest”. Oh, I miss her! Her words of wisdom, her loving heart, her prayers! Jesus called her home three years ago to live forever with Him. But, she taught me Who to trust and to draw strength from. So thankful you have found the same Source. Thank you for being real here and for sharing your life. God bless you. 🙂


  6. I love this. We were not meant to do it all, but to BE ourselves embracing all that we are. And this is so true: “When I see the things I love to do through the lens of Whose I am, I have power. I can rise up. I can mother better. With power. Without exhaustion. I can love my husband better. I can love those around with more intention. And I can be Christ to those around me.” He give us the power we need.


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  8. This is just so lovely and, like you right now, raw. It’s so true (all of it) and I love the way you wove it all together. I can so relate and appreciate the reminder to turn toward the source of any power I have on a daily basis. And sometimes a moment to moment basis.

    And potty training…will only get better and better with each day. Until the inevitable regression happens, but then, THEN you’ll be in the home stretch 🙂


  9. Thanks for linking up with #WholeMama — so good to find you from there. Oh and yes, potty training! Some of my friends with young adult children said that potty training has still been the hardest part! So you have a sisterhood of solidarity there.


  10. We’re potty training our 21 month old son. He sits on the potty, makes a wwzzzzz sound with his mouth, stands up, pulls up his bottoms, slams the handle of the Elmo potty to make a laughing/flushing combo sound on the potty speaker…then the little he-beast proceeds to pee in his pull-up and laugh along with his furry red puppet friend. Some nights my head can not find the pillow fast enough. But you said it well – even in these sometimes painstaking moments of motherhood, being Christ to our children is our greatest superpower. Thank you for sharing.


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  12. Oh potty training…lol. We’re there too. I hope. Sometime soon.

    I’m glad you intertwined our power to mother with Who we belong to. It’s the only way. But so hard to learn when in the midst of overwhelm. So much grace here. Thanks 🙂


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