The Power of Walking

I have been thinking a lot about doing. The importance of accomplishing tasks. When my husband gets home from work, I scramble to tick off all the things I did that day. To tout all my accomplishments. It isn’t that he asks or expects anything to be accomplished or really even started. But, perhaps, I do.


I know. I just wrote a post reminding us that we don’t have to do it all or be enough. But. But sometimes, I still think I do. Sometimes I think the sheer act of obedience, of simply walking with the Lord isn’t enough. It isn’t doing. 

But last night, as I fought sleep, I wondered, “When did walking stop being a verb? When did walking no longer equate to doing? When did walking not become enough?

And I wonder if it was back when I was battling, fighting for my Sweet Boy-Child (you can read more about our special needs journey, here). When I had to actively forge our path. When I was there. At the forefront, cutting down the growth. Desperately seeking our way. Seeking answers.

Walking, then, wasn’t enough. And honestly, every season has a different need. A different posture. But somewhere along the way, I forgot that there were any other {VALID} postures, other than doing. Other than actively pressing in for change. But you know what, dear friends? There is. There are so many. But the one I am learning, the one that I am remembering, is walking. Simply walking. Following His path. Remembering that God is good and I just need to praise Him. Jennifer Dukes Lee shared a blog post this week about just that. I encourage you to take some time this week to read the post (you can find it here).

So today. Today I am pausing. I am taking some time to be still. (Or try to. I am still in the throws of potty training said Sweet Boy Child. And I am loosing.) And I am watching my husband. He is amazing at walking. Following His Lord and simply praising Him. He’s content on the path, doing what needs to be done. But content to rest and follow. So today, I am reminding myself of that contentment. The contentment that can only come from the Lord, from resting in Him. From following Him. And from praising Him. Wholly and unabandoned.

Do you need to pause and recheck where you are and what you are doing? Remembering our goals, our journey is an important task. One that we shouldn’t push away from. Do you need to re-evaluate what season you are in? I would love to be praying for you as you re-examine your path and your posture, leave me a note in the comments or connect with me, here.


18 thoughts on “The Power of Walking

  1. Love this – I think finding a new/different posture before God has been part of growing up into my relationship with Him. Walking, driving, in the bathtub, I love seeing the sacred in the ordinary. And I love that sometimes I have to run forward in courage at His prompting, but other days it’s enough to walk faithfully where I am. Keep walking friend.


    • Thank you, Lindsey. I kind of forget that running and walking aren’t the same either. It has been such a long season of running and courage, that I forgot that it’s okay to rest and walk. Thank you for your encouragement. 💛


  2. I have a tendency to push too hard on my goals and take on too many things at once. I need to remember that it’s okay to just be, and that we are all whole people, as is.


  3. The more I read of your blog, the more I love it (and I already really liked it to begin with!). Great reflection (and wisdom), Ashley .


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