June: Celebrating Grace

June has been a month of transitions. School ended. Summer began. Family trip to Florida. Potty training. Change upon change. Transition upon transition. And I know we still aren’t done.

Life is tricky like that. We get used to it. We accept the hard and the beautiful parts of our season. And then. Just like that, it changes. It alters before we even notice the last season is gone. Before we really get to celebrate it, it passes. So this month, we have been trying to celebrate. Each milestone. Each change. Each new word. Because we know. We know how easy it is to move on. To move on before we even realize it is happening. We know the kids get older and older and time won’t stop. We know that the summer will race past us, hopefully filled with adventures, and then it will be gone and we will be frantically purchasing school supplies and preparing for a new year.


Sweet Boy-Child has been growing so much this month (you can read more about his journey, here). He is saying so many new things. Expressing so many emotions and thoughts. Honestly, it leaves me speechless. In awe of the grace surrounding us. Surrounding him. Boy-Child has been enjoying some new experiences and becoming a “big boy.” Like our family vacation to Florida, sleeping in a big boy bed, potty training (though we aren’t done yet), finishing his first year of school, and meeting new friends.

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IMG_3547 IMG_3546

Baby Boy is continuing to grow and act older. I am fairly certain that he believes himself to be at least 5. He is saying new words everyday and has even begun to say his siblings names! The growth is precious and is something I am cherishing. Though I don’t completely appreciate that he says Daddy far more than he says Mommy. Baby Boy is definitely celebrating being the youngest in a big family because it means he gets to participate in different events when he normally would miss out. Like rides at Legoland Florida, staying up past bedtime, missing a nap, and playing on the tallest slides at the park! (PS. If you are dying for more pictures like these, you should follow me on Instagram.)

IMG_3043 IMG_2976 IMG_3502

Goosey-Girl is set and ready for kindergarten. She completely skipped celebrating preschool and all she accomplished. She is ready for the next stage. I, however, am celebrating all she has done and the ways I see her light shining. Her compassion and love for others is growing every day. And I am constantly in awe of the care she gives to her siblings, especially Boy-Child. Goose has loved our family vacation (literally, her favorite part was EVERYTHING), seeing friends, meeting new friends, and really just enjoying the freedom summer brings.

FullSizeRender (19) FullSizeRender (18) IMG_3526

Man-Child has definitely celebrated the end of first grade. It was a great year, but he was ready to be done and to celebrate summer. June brought Man-Child a soccer trophy, Shel Silverstein poems, Florida fun, learning to swim, seeing friends: new and old, and a glimpse into his purpose (he is obsessed with finding each person’s purpose). This last thing was the sweetest for me. He believes his purpose to be reading. And he plans on using that to read the Bible to people in other countries. To be a missionary. My heart melted.

IMG_3114 IMG_3548 FullSizeRender (20)

Honestly, June for me has been beautiful. And messy. It has perfectly represented my everyday life. A perfect (or less than perfect) mix of beauty and mess. I have celebrated with each child. I have mourned the end of school and my quiet time. I savored rest during our family trip. I have enjoyed community, with friends new and old. I have heard God’s whispers. I have been stretched. And I have listened. To move beyond the comfort. To the slightly scary. To the uncomfortable. And I am ready. And excited for all that July has in store for me. For my growth. And for my family.

The end of June also represents the mid-way point for my year of thankfulness/my thankfulness list. (You can read more about my thankfulness list, here.) Here are some of my recent entries:

461. Sharing in this blogging journey with my friend, Lori. There is nothing better than journeying with a dear friend. It makes the hard parts more enjoyable and helps you to remember the grace in each step. (If you haven’t before, you should totally check out Lori’s blog: The Boutelle Family.)

468. Friends that speak encouragement straight to my heart. And at just the right moments.

472. Sharing “new” movies with Man-Child. As he gets older, we allow him to watch movies with us. The newest: Jurassic Park. He loved it. Though it still freaks me out. He also got to stay up and watch the Chicago Blackhawks game. Watching him grow has been amazing. And not as difficult as I had imagined.

475. Red Robin dinner date with all of our kids. We don’t eat out often, because, well we have a lot of kids. But we decided to try it. It had it’s moments. But the kids felt so excited and special. Which made it totally worth it.

481. Boy Child singing at his end of the year celebration. He SANG. I cried. It was beautifully perfect.

483. Wonderful neighbors. That are kind. With their own littles. And that don’t think I’m crazy when I tell my children they are driving me crazy. At 8:30am.

523. Words on Instagram. Speaking straight to my heart. Precious gifts.

532. The ways friends speak into and care about my littles. It speaks volumes to me. And to them.

I pray you see the grace in this past month. That as you reflect, as you remember June, that you see the hidden grace. And that you are able to celebrate it. The big and the little. Even in the hard. The mess. That you see the grace and that it speaks straight to your soul. You are loved.

I would love to hear what June grace you are celebrating in the comments!


Today I am joining in with Andrea at Momfessionals, Narci at Grace and Love Blog, & Erika at A Little Bit of Everything Blog for Friday Favorites.


10 thoughts on “June: Celebrating Grace

  1. Wow Ashley, what a wonderful family you have! 🙂 And you look like just another sibling 😉
    Thanks for stopping by. I’m so happy you like the pompom booties! Helena xx


    • 💗 You would probably be embarrassed by how many times you come up in my thankfulness list (like every time we talk, discuss blogging together, and just be). I am SUPER excited for the adventures July has in store!


  2. Your children had such a great, productive month. 😉 I am happy I rediscovered your blog. Did you visit a Lego park? Is it in Florida? I love Shel Silverstein poem’s too. 🙂


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