Embracing the Mess of Me {#WholeMama}

Mess. Today I find myself away from home. (You can follow me on Instagram to see pictures as I adventure in Greece!) Removed from life with my littles. Far from the everyday mess. The everyday crazy and blessing that is life with littles.

And for me, it is easy to say that life can be messy with my littles. It is easy to push that mess aside and onto life with children. Instead of accepting any of that mess as my own. Instead of taking responsibility for my mess. Instead of acknowledging that the mess is mine too.

But, really, being away doesn’t mean I am away from the mess. No, instead I bring some of that mess with me. Even though I am exploring. Intentionally choosing to discover Chania, to see it with my own eyes. Through my own lens. Even though I am an adult and should have my act together. I bring along my mess. My good and my bad. The areas I am still growing. And I make a mess. In relationships. With people. With family.

So today. Today I am sitting. In a cafe. Pausing. Reflecting. And realizing that I am growing in grace. Learning more of what it means. What it looks like. Extending it to others and to myself. But. But seeing that extending that grace to family is so much more difficult. Seeing the mess I make. Even when I am without the little people that I am raising up. When I am without the ones that so easily make messes.

So I continue to sit. I read His word. And I am reminded of His work in me. I am reminded that He created me. That He is doing a good work in me. And so I can continue. I continue to learn. To grow. And I take a clue from this town that I am exploring.

Chania is a town rich and full of history. Lived in by so many different people. With so many different cultures. I see mess. I see old ruins mixed with the new and modern. But instead of pushing aside the old. The crumbling. The old is accepted for what it is, for what it was. It is seen as beautiful and a starting point. The mess does not define the life now. Instead, life is built on top of the old. Mixed together. Intertwined. The old is embraced and used to continue growing. To continue living. It may be patched back up. To make it whole once more. It may need supports to keep it from falling. But it is not destroyed simply because it needs help. The old is a reminder of what was. Of who was here then.

So instead of sweeping aside the mess of my own life. Of me. I am going to continue living. Intentionally choosing to continue growing. And when I look back on life, I will be able to see the growth. Just as distinctly as you can see the new buildings, here in Chania, built on top of the old.

And I will remember who I once was and just how much I have grown. Though I am still growing. Though I am still journeying. But I am  growing. I am moving forward. And when I get discouraged by my mess, I will remember that there is progress. I am not sitting stagnant. I can see the new, being built on the old. Reminding me of that grace. That never ending grace.
Do you need to embrace your mess? To really see it and choose to continue to grow. To know that you can continue to move on from the mess. You can use it to grow. Can you look back on your own life and see the distinct line between new and old? Can you see the continued growth? And the grace. Always that grace. 

Today I am joining Esther Emery for the #WholeMama link up. I am excited to be in a community of mama bloggers that are willing to be real, vulnerable and honest. But most of all, that can show the amazing beauty and grace through it all. Each week we will be discussing one word and what it means to each of us. I would love if you joined in too! You can find more information on the original #WholeMama post, here.

18 thoughts on “Embracing the Mess of Me {#WholeMama}

  1. I love this dear; you have such a gift of being open and vulnerable and also so encouraging at the same time. Love you and miss you,
    Your Hubby


  2. I love this post. I have to admit it was very hard for me to get through, because I tend to stop at “I’m a mess”, and dwell on that, instead of using it to grow and moving forward. A lot of condemnation, and a whole lot of lack of trust. I am a Christian, I love the Lord and want to know Him more, but some how, over the years, my trust has actually de-creased. It’s so convicting to see that my struggle with fear and lack of trust does hold me stagnant, instead of letting those messing things push me forward to grow more. Thanks for that reminder, friend. I want to more forward and let those messes that I struggle with the most help me grow in God, instead of letting them come between us.


    • Thank you so much, Kristin! I completely understand what you are feeling and struggling with. That was me. I didn’t trust and I just hid from it. I controlled (or tried to) everything, and I brushed aside what that showed about my heart. Thank you for sharing your heart here, with me. I truly feel honored and will be praying for you. Satan wants us to stay broken and messy. But Jesus isn’t afraid of the mess, of the brokenness.


    • (Ack, didn’t mean to reply already. I’m on my phone and clearly, my fingers are fat 😉)
      But Jesus came into our mess. He didn’t hide it or ignore it. He embraced us. Right where we are at. Mess and all. And then He slowly lifts us up and carries us/walks with us. We have to give up control. But when we do, it’s beautiful. And when we look back at the messy ruins we had, we can see the grace and the growth. And that is amazing.


  3. I love your imagery here. Of not sweeping aside, but of accepting the old for what it is. Of choosing growth, even when it means the work of repair or extra support. How like life that truly is. I love the way you reflect and process. Enjoy your time in Greece!


  4. I love this: “I am moving forward. And when I get discouraged by my mess, I will remember that there is progress. I am not sitting stagnant. I can see the new, being built on the old. Reminding me of that grace. That never ending grace.” It is easy to just look at the mess and forget that progress has been made. There is so much grace and I’m so thankful for that. Loved reading your post! 🙂


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