Greece Favorites: Part One

Today I am joining in with Andrea at Momfessionals, Narci at Grace and Love Blog, & Erika at A Little Bit of Everything Blog for Friday Favorites. And I am sharing some of my Greece Favorites! Because, if you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you know I was in Greece last week! (And if you don’t follow me yet, you should: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin.)


Okay, moving on from my shameful self promotion…


My flight out began Sunday night. Sunday afternoon, I began freaking out. I have never traveled alone (without Greg or my family) and I was becoming fearful. I fed that fear and finally, had to make the hard choice: to continue living in irrational fear or to remember God’s faithfulness and trust. I chose the latter. You can read more about the fear, here.

Before I had to face that fear, I tried to prepare myself as best I could. I decided to pack only carry-ons. You know, so I wouldn’t have to worry about my bags making it all the way to Greece and so I wouldn’t have to conquer the baggage carousel. (I told you my fears are irrational.)

I also purchased two Boobypacks. Yes, Boobypacks. I saw them on Shark Tank and decided this would be a must-have for my travels. Honestly, I am so glad I did. Think fanny pack meets adorable sports bra/crop top/tank. There are convenient zippers underneath the armpit, so I could store my extra cash (remember Greece is in financial crisis, so I had to bring a lot more money with me than I had intended) and even my passport without worrying they would get stolen. They are perfect to wear on their own. (Honestly, I wore them under a tank, partly because I have had 4 children, so I cannot rock a crop top quite so well and partly because as a boy mom I try not to wear such low cut tops on their own. That said, they are most definitely adorable enough to wear on their own and I plan to wear them on their own when I work out. In my home.) Oh and did I mention, they are water resistant? So when I got doused by the Mediteranean Sea, I didn’t have to worry about my valuables getting soaked too. Just me and my now see-through shorts.


And because they are an amazing small business, they are giving one Boobypack away to one of you! More details about the giveaway are at the bottom of this post. (*These views are my own. While I did receive a coupon code for my Boobypacks, I was not compensated for my statements here.*)


Monday brought more flying, you can read more about my thoughts during the flights, here. We landed in Zurich and I was thankful to have slept through the early evening/night. I was transitioning time zones well, which was good because finding coffee in the Zurich airport was near impossible.

I arrived in Athens with a 6 hour layover. I was nervous, but I decided to make a quick visit out of the airport and into Athens to see the Acropolis. With the financial turmoil, the metro was free so we jumped on and crossed our fingers. Just kidding, I researched for hours while still in America, and still with data, and found this amazing site. It detailed each step from the airport to the Acropolis and made me feel like I could do it. And I did. So thank you fellow blogger for your perfectly detailed instructions. I would have been scared, sitting in the airport for 6 hours if it hadn’t been for you.

Athens Greece

Greece Travels

I arrived back at the airport with one hour left. I still ran to my gate, because, well, I’m a little crazy. I arrived in Chania, Crete close to midnight.


I stayed in a house with a lot of my family. Most of whom wake up much later than I do, so I enjoyed breakfast on our balcony with my Aunt. Greece is a slow, relaxed country. People stay out late, rest in the afternoon, and generally understand rest. It took me the entire week to understand that it is okay to sleep in. Old habits (even ones I don’t appreciate), die hard.

Chania Rooftop View

After breakfast and waiting for everyone else to wake up, I asked my Yia-Yia to walk to the Agora (market) with me. She also showed me one of the homes she grew up in. Hearing the stories of her life, the ways they lived, and being able to experience those places with her, standing where she stood, was incredible.

Her home in Chania is now part of a neighbors home. Just down the street and alley from where we were staying. The Agora was an incredible marketplace filled with fresh produce, fresh fish/meat, and small shops selling handmade items. It’s a large hustle and bustle in an old building. One that my Yia-Yia went to when she was a child, to help her father sell their produce and livestock. It is slightly different today, but to know I was standing where she stood so many times, all those years ago, was pretty surreal.

Greek Market

After the craziness of the Agora, my Yia-Yia went home to rest (as is Greek routine. The Agora was actually setting to close, as we left, for the afternoon: 1:30-4pm), while my sister and her family showed me the way to the Venetian Harbor and Old Town. You can walk to everything (which is great because driving in Greece is a little crazy) which allows you to truly experience the sights, sounds, and smells. I loved it all and tried to absorb all I could. Hearing Greek music and the Greek language reminded me of the days growing up with my Yia-Yia and Papou. Seeing the effects of World War II, the mess, the rubble, still, after all these years was amazing. And something that helped me reflect on the mess that I am. You can read more about my reflections on the mess of life, here.

Venetian Harbor Chania

Visit Greece

Travel Greece


That evening, we went to the ‘Cretan Diet Festival’ in Rethymno. The festival was unlike any here in the States. There was free food and drinks, though fighting the crowd of Greek people flocking to the free food was a little crazy. (Really, only slightly crazier than our family holiday dinners.) There were tents for handmade artisans (where I purchased a few items for myself!). And then, at the end of the night, there was live music and traditional Greek dancers. I think this was the first moment I completely fell in love with Crete. The dancers wore traditional clothing, reminding me of a few Greek dolls my Yia-Yia had in her home as I was growing up. My heart cried out at the memories come to life. And my soul sang. For a small glimpse at the jaw-dropping dancing, click here.


A look back at my Greece Favorites will continue next week. I will be talking about the Samaria Gorge in Chania, exploring the Venetian Harbor and Old Town, and a look back at my roots with visits to Fones and Nippos.

Be sure to checkout Greece Favorites Part Two and Part Three!

Boobypack giveaway

I forgot to take a picture of me wearing the Boobypack after Samaria Gorge hike. So I tried again at home. This is me, victorious over the day. Or most of it.

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64 thoughts on “Greece Favorites: Part One

    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! It is so hard to face that anxiety or fear and move forward anyway. I have a son that has severe anxiety and I pray that he will be able to move forward without missing out on the beauty and adventure of life. It is so hard, but so worth it all. Thank you for sharing with me.


  1. Wow, what beautiful photographs! The scenery is stunning – I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. I want to go even more now!


  2. Loved reading this!! I am so proud of you for pushing past fear & exploring Athens! I can’t wait to hear about the gorge next week 🙂 Oh & I hope I win a boobypack!


  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!! This whole trip looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more photos. Oh, and I mean, a Bobbypack?!? It sounds AMAZING! I remember them on Sharktank too! Now at least I “know” someone who used it! 🙂


  4. Greece looks amazing!! And thank goodness for sleeping through the night flight (and how nice is Zurich airport??) Thanks for the giveaway!! Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thank you, Ashleigh! I was so thankful to have transitioned time zones well on my way there! Still working on it at home though. (Probably largely due to my 4 loud, early rising children.) 😉
      I did love the Zurich airport, except for their lack of coffee.


  5. I would love to visit Greece, and it’s so cool that when you do you see actual family living there. The picture of you in the water is so cute! And all the others look like you had a wonderful, adventurous, full and fascinating time there. How cool to get a tour with your grandma to significant places (for you and your family). Great recap!


  6. Such beautiful photos! I’ve always wanted to visit Greece. Also, these boobypacks are the best- I’ve been wanting one for a while! Perfect for traveling/hiking/anything. Love it!


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  11. Ah Greece. Your pictures are lovely and makes me long to go. One day we will. I like the idea behind the Boobypack. We will be doing a lot of traveling over the next few years so this will be something I need to look into.


  12. How fun that you got to be in such a marvelous place. Greece is deff a place I wanna visit before I die. And your photos are fab. You really captured the country and the culture.


  13. Greece has always been on my bucket list of places to visit … And now with your pics, it makes me crave it more! PS – great call on the Boobypacks! I wish I thought of that on my last family trip! Going to buy one now!


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