Greece Favorites: Part Three


There’s another Greece Favorites post! know, I know, you are super excited. And you should be, because Greece is amazing. (If you haven’t been following along my Greece adventures, you can catch up with Greece Favorites: Part One & Two.)

Greece Favorites

Today I am sharing my favorite Greece purchases…other than food (which was delicious). Unfortunately, I only traveled with my backpack and a small purse/bag so I couldn’t bring ALL.THE.THINGS. Thankfully, I did manage to find some items that were small enough to fit in my bags. Here’s a quick round-up of the favorites (or really, the ones I could easily find. Some of my buys have been hidden by life and/or my children).

|| ONE ||

Of course, I had to buy my kids Crete shirts. Goose was going to get a pink one, until I found a beautiful Greek dress. I smile each time the kids wear their new shirts…even if no one else is really smiling (other than Goose).

Greek dress

|| TWO ||

I also bought the kids lots of rocks, shells, and the like. Of course, I currently can only find two of them, the rest have been swallowed by the black holes that are my children’s rooms. My favorite from the grouping is a sponge I bought from the Cretan Festival we attended. My grandfather was a sponge diver from Kalymnos (an island of Greece) and I got to meet a sponge diver that actually knows his family, so this little sponge is extra special.

Greek souveneirs

|| THREE ||

I purchased one “main” gift for each child while I was in Greece. Sweet Boy Child loves Lego pirate ships (and lots of other Lego sets), so when I saw this I knew it was perfect for him. Actually there were some made of driftwood and shells that I had originally wanted to purchase for him. But I was confident they would break on my way home, so this was a great second choice!

Greek boat

|| FOUR ||

Goose got this beautiful blanket as her “main” gift. It is a cotton/wool blend, is absolutely stunning, and is the perfect spring/summer/fall blanket for her bed! I admit, I almost kept it for the family room, and for 18 Euros I’m kicking myself for not talking someone into bringing back at least 2 more for me!

Greek blanket

|| FIVE ||

Man-Child loves rocks and magnets. I couldn’t find his particular rocks from the mess of his room (while he does claim to have a system), but I did find his Chania Magnet. I loved that it was hand-painted and displayed the Chania lighthouse, a staple of my trip.

Greek magnet

|| SIX ||

Goose also got this beautifully hand-painted fan that I picked up at the Agora. Her middle name is Rose, so this was perfect for her. She loved it and carried it around with her the first week I gave it to her.

greek souveneirs

|| SEVEN ||

This is for Baby Boy. Though he is quickly becoming a toddler (he actually already is, but he isn’t quite two yet, so give me my one more month), and is outgrowing his nursery theme of elephants, I saw this and cried. I almost walked away from purchasing it, but my sister urged me to purchase anyway. And I am oh so glad she did. Now I just need to get some shelving up in his room so I can actually display it!

greek elephant


Of course I found some amazing pieces for myself too. I found this beautiful leather watch and agate necklace at the Cretan Festival…for 32 Euros total! My Yia-Yia was so excited that the watch is a wind-up because it reminded her of the watches she had in Greece (I am less than excited about that).


Walking through Old Town, you are surrounded by small shops. It was fun stopping, browsing, and talking to the shop owners. Some of the shop owners had been there all their lives and even knew of my Yia-Yia’s family, some had come from other European countries for vacation and never went home (I completely get it!), and others scolded me for looking Greek but not speaking it (again, I get it, though to my defense, I am Greek!). As a small business owner myself, I really enjoyed getting to see this part of Greek life and culture.


Greek Necklace

Wandering Old Town, I happened upon a small leather store that had breathtaking handbags and conveniently, I needed a new small bag.

greek cross body bag

(Don’t mind the bags in the background, we went school supply shopping today.)


I immediately fell in love with this. It is hand embroidered with beautiful texture and colors. I have been seeking to fill my home with pieces that make me smile, have beautiful texture, and glorious colors and this piece filled all of my criteria! As an added bonus, I embroider and I felt honored to have a piece that someone else created.

Greek embroidery


This may be one of my favorite purchases from my trip, even though it is a print. The Venetian Harbor was the place I spent most of my time and I wanted to take a piece of it back home with me. As soon as I saw this print I knew it was the one. I loved that the lighthouse was included in the picture along with the shops, birds, and the people. The sun setting in the background reminded me of my walks back to the house after a beautiful day.


Traveling to the place my family comes from was such a blessing. Being able to walk where my Yia-Yia walked with her, was extraordinary. And I am so thankful to be able to bring back little pieces of the trip. Pieces that are incorporated into my home, to remind me of where I come from, of family, the beautiful experience I had, and of course the beauty of grace.

greek dolls

And it is all eclipsed by these two Greek dolls, a gift from my Yia-Yia as I was growing up. They had been in her home when I was a child and I always adored them. She purchased them in Chania in 1949, the year she left Greece. They now stand in prominence on the piano from Greg’s great-uncle with some of my most treasured pieces. They remind me of my Yia-Yia but they also remind me of my own travels. And that, friends, is beautifully perfect.


Today I am joining in with Andrea at Momfessionals, Narci at Grace and Love Blog, & Erika at A Little Bit of Everything Blog for Friday Favorites. And I am sharing some of my Greece Favorites! Because, if you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you know I was in Greece last week! (And if you don’t follow me yet, you should:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin.)



35 thoughts on “Greece Favorites: Part Three

  1. I love how you thought about what you were going to bring back & choose items with meaning. What a wonderful experience for you to have had.

    Greece is another spot on our travel list – we keep making the list, we are going to have to start going SOON!


  2. I love trinkets and gifts that tell stories. I hope your children can keep track of their wonderful gifts all their lives, such special meaning attached to each of them that will only grow with time. Plus, some of those aren’t “trinkets” at all…ie I love the jewelry you came back with! And you really should have squeezed a couple more of those blankets back with you, but at least you have that one gorgeous one!


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