My Hopes for You: As You Enter Second Grade

It’s almost here. The first day of school. 6 more days, not that I’m keeping track or anything. That glorious and sad day when 3 of my 4 littles will be off everyday, for at least a 1/2 day of school. And today, as I answered questions about my child for his upcoming teacher, I thought on my hopes for him, for this, his second grade year.

Entering Second Grade

My dearest Man-Child,

I have really enjoyed seeking and finding adventure with you this summer, our Summer of Adventure. Even if it meant that we missed out on some extra reading and math practice. I know you will bounce right back into the school year and remember all those math facts. Summer was made for exploring, after all, and I love that we got to do just that.

Family Vacation - Niagra Falls ON

But let’s be honest, I’m happy that school is here. I know, you’re horrified. I am your mother after all. Though that may be the very reason I am just so thankful for school. And as much as I love reading and playing Jenga with you, I don’t think I can handle one more exaggerated statement about your deplorable living conditions and enless boredom. (Which let’s be honest, we both know those statements aren’t ending anytime soon. But the constant barrage of them is, so for that, I am thankful.)

But really, my dearest first child, I hope great things for you this year. I pray you flourish and that you would find who you are. I see you and I know you. I see the strengths you possess. I see your decisiveness and just how determined you can be. I see your intellect and your aspirations. And I know it’s hard for you to see just how awesome you really are. But you are.


You are also strong-willed, just like your Mama. But do not shy away from the title, because it isn’t bad to be strong-willed. No, being strong-willed means you are like a tree; strong and stable, not yielding easily. And if there is something that we need more of, it is people that are not easily swayed by this world. And that, dear child, is you. You will do great things because you are strong. But not of your own strength, you are rooted in the One and when you remember Who you live for, you are unmovable. And I see that in you. I see the steady strength you so easily possess, and I pray that you see it too. I pray you recognize who you are, the things that come naturally and effortlessly to you and even the things that are more difficult for you. We all have our weaknesses, and that is okay. We continue to grow and those weaknesses serve as a great reminder of just how much we need community.

I pray you find your community. It has taken me many, many years to recognize the true value of community, a group of real friends, and I hope it takes you far less time to create those meaningful relationships. And yes, I know, you like to be silly and goofy and joke about poop. But I hope you learn that true friends laugh with you, are silly with you, and can help you grow into the person you want to be – not into a copy of themselves. Again, I know you are only in second grade, but I see people in your life that can be lifelong friends if you treat those relationships with wisdom. And not the earthly wisdom of following what everyone else is doing or feeling. Because, son, you already aren’t copying what everyone else is doing. Just this weekend you bravely stepped forward to be baptized, not because we asked you or told you, but because you wanted to do it. You made a decision and followed through.

And that, that is who you are.


So stand strong in who you are. Stand strong in what you stand for. Stand strong in the plans and purposes God has for you, even if you don’t know what they are just yet. It is okay to not see the future. Rest in knowing that it is all for His glory; even the hard and the messy. Rest in knowing He loves you and will never give up on you; no matter the sin, no matter the mistakes.

Simply know that He made you the strong boy you are today. But He also created you for a beautiful community of friends. And really, both of those are pretty great.

I love you always and forever,


How do you feel when your children get ready for that first day of school? Do you have any special memories from those days, yourself? I would love to hear them! And stay tuned for letters to my other school aged littles!



21 thoughts on “My Hopes for You: As You Enter Second Grade

  1. This is so sweet! My oldest is also going into second grade. It feels like such a big kid grade to me. They all need to slow down on the growing thing. I also feel you on the need for them to go to school It is hard being “on” all the time. Of course we are moms, that is what we do. But having some sanity and a set schedule will be nice. I love that your son complains on his deplorable conditions, oh goodness. Kids….


    • Thank you, Emily. It really does feel so different than the other grades. I’m excited for him but not ready for him to be getting older.

      And so glad I’m not alone! I love summer, but oh give me that school schedule and some quiet! 😉

      And yes, he definitely complains. All the time. When we moved to a larger home, he got his own room and for now, his own bathroom. But his room got slightly smaller, though no longer shared. He complained endlessly about it. All I can do is sigh and make him keep a thankfulness list. Waiting for that practice to get to heart.


  2. That was so, super sweet! He’s one lucky little man to have a mamma like you. I don’t have kids yet, but growing up we always used summer vacations as adventure time – not once worrying about math, or geography. School is, and was, very important, but we all need time to explore, be kids, make memories. Hope they have a great year ahead of them!


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