August: The Smallness of Grace

August was a busy month. It was actually the reason for me buying a new (and bigger) calendar. Or maybe school for 3 children + activities for 2 is to blame for the new calendar. Either way, August was a full one. Full of small moments. You know those little moments, the ones where adventure is waiting for you just outside your front door. It also held a few bigger moments; ones we celebrated in small and large ways. Really, August was a beautiful month. And it gently reminded us of our smallness.

Here’s a look back at a few of our {August} adventures:

Visited my in-law’s ‘cottage’ – a small home on the water. Perfect for reminding us to get outside and adventure. So we did.

Date Days – These are days where we take 1 child out on a special or {small} outing. This month the older kids saw movies with their Yaya. And of course, ice cream dates.

Saw old friends and grew deeper relationships with some new ones.

Played outside. A lot. Spent time with neighbors that have become more like family then friends.

Lavishly celebrated our 10 (and 1/2+) year wedding anniversary with a summertime anniversary shoot. In my wedding dress. It was fun remembering and looking back at these last years. No longer the anxiety of a new couple, but the comfort of two people that have walked together for many years, through joys and through trials. Enjoyed a year in our new home. This was celebrated with the ‘normal-ness’ of our average day. Which, really is the perfect way to celebrate home.

Saw family that lives further away and enjoyed everyday moments with them.

Rejoiced as Man-Child chose to be baptized in the same lake my husband was baptized.

Celebrated with friends and family: we sang happy birthday, cried at the beautiful exchange of two {small} words: “I do,” and smiled with expectant moms.

Enjoyed the abundance from our home garden. And allowed it to feed me, when I forgot to go grocery shopping.

Began our school year. A first for my Goose. We mourned, celebrated, and prayed over these new beginnings. (I share more about our back to school adventures in: A Letter to My Second Grader and The Truth Behind the Back to School Tears.)

And we wrapped it all up with one of our favorite {small} activities: A trip to the library.

August may have been a month of ordinary, but it was full of grace. The small, ordinary moments were where laughs were enjoyed, smiles shared, and friends made. Life was in these small moments. Love was found in them, too.



11 thoughts on “August: The Smallness of Grace

  1. Love it friend. My favs are your anniversary in the ocean and the little guy’s baptism. So I guess the ocean is my favorite. Because why not?

    Love your heart for finding meaning in the ordinary, I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately too.


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