Two Years Old

Two years ago I lay awaiting your arrival. Arms outstretched and anxious. You are my last baby. The last one that would kick my lungs and my bladder. And I was oh so very ready to meet you.

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I will never forget the moment you were born. The doctor allowing your proud dad to take all the pictures. And me, impatiently waiting for it all to be done. To meet you. To hold you. To not be pregnant anymore. 


And here you are. The perfect mix of cuddling and sweet + crazy and wild boy. All since the very moment you were born. But I suppose you needed to be. You entered a home that was loud and busy. And going unnoticed was not an option. So you encompassed it all.


You did it well. You are sweet and rough. My littlest boy. Two meets you with oh so much fun to be had. More words to say. More teeth to use. And more energy, if that’s even possible.


You are wild and free. You are brave, even if it is when, perhaps you should be more cautious. You are caring. You love others, even when sometimes that love looks like throwing a toy at your brother’s head. But you are still learning how to love others well. You are still learning how to be brave without being foolish.


But you are learning.


And so am I. I am learning what it means to be a rough and tumble boy mom. I am learning what it means to be content in the dirt. I am learning to never own nice throw pillows because they will only be used as weapons or building materials.


And I love it all. Except the throw pillows part. I really love nice pillows.


Happy birthday my darling two year old. Thank you for sharing the adventures with me. And for shouting “Hi Mama” through them all.

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I simply cannot believe my littlest has officially entered the toddler years. I suppose I can no longer call him ‘Baby Boy.’ Do you have a suggestion for my littlest’s ‘blog name?’ If you do, I would love for you to share it in the comments!



63 thoughts on “Two Years Old

  1. What a sweet happy boy! He has beautiful eyes and an infectious smile. This is such a sweet post. I also have no idea on a blog name for him. One of my favorite baby blog names is Bear…but then I realized that was his actual name haha.


  2. He looks like loads of fun to be around 🙂 Your new little T-man (toddler man)? 🙂 I love that picture of him as a newborn in the grass, and the one with chocolate cheeks, too. Nice throw pillows will be yours someday…


  3. I loved your post and the amazing pictures. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but to remember a quote, “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” Happy Birthday and many more to sweet one!


  4. This is incredibly sweet! I remember when my son turned two… It’s right when they start to get really independent and even smarter. I love that stage!


  5. Wow! You were one gorgeous pregnant, momma! Baby boy is really a handsome little one! I’m so glad you mentioned the throw pillows – a great reminder why I don’t have them even though I love them, too! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


  6. Happy birthday, Matthew! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I was at your house with the rest of the kiddos while he was being born. He’s grown up so much just over the summer — he looks like a little man in that beach pic!


  7. What a cutie!! I’m 38 weeks today with my last baby and I’m definitely feeling that “ready to not be pregnant” feeling! Lol Happy birthday to your sweet little guy!


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