This Is How We Do It: Clean the House

Today is supposed to be the day of our monthly link up: This Is How We Do It. And we were going to talk about our tips and tricks to cleaning your house. But, well, this last month has been a little busy. And if you know me, you know I don’t do busy. I don’t appreciate busy. So my house is not clean. My blog has not been frequently updated with new posts. And this is life sometimes. And so this month, we are calling GRACE!


So, there is no link up today. But send me your posts on cleaning and I would love to add them to this post! We so appreciate you and this community and all the GRACE!

And bonus, here are a few of my house cleaning tips and tricks:

We live in a fairly large house, so cleaning it completely every week is out of the question. Instead I embrace the idea of cleaning the most used rooms frequently, and keeping the others tidy. This means we feel less overwhelmed and the house is less cluttered. The kitchen gets the counters cleaned and the floors swept daily. The kids and I pick up the family room and the play room at the end of each day. The less used spaces (or less used by adults) get cleaned and tidied less. The basement is a play space so it is covered in train tracks and legos. And honestly, it stays this way for months at a time. The bedrooms get tidied at the end of each day, but only to the level the person living in that room desires. So my older children have “tidy” rooms by their standards but certainly not by mine. We are teaching them responsibility in their space and they are slowly learning that mess means things are more easy to misplace. Especially Legos.

I choose one thing to “deep clean” every few weeks. My deep cleaning list usually rotates every quarter (or every season). This perfectly aligns with adding seasonal decor and changing out the kids clothes for the next season/size. My deep cleaning list isn’t long and honestly, doesn’t exist. It’s just items that live in my head and get accomplished as I see the need. This leaves me without the stress and overwhelming feeling of constantly deep cleaning. Or being left in the middle of deep cleaning everything but without fully finishing any of it. I write the current item on my calendar. Some weeks it gets done, and others it gets pushed back to the following week. Right now it’s the blinds. Man Child had a project for school to count all the windows in the house. I think the number was in the 50s. And each window has a set of blinds on them. (Cringe)

I clean when my littles are around. I know. That makes almost no sense. But I value my quiet times, so I refuse to use the times that fill me up to clean. This also gives my littles the chance to help out and learn what it means to live in community. Granted, it’s not super helpful to have a 2 year old sweeping with you, but it’s life. And grace. Because let’s be real, I clean because I am thankful for my home and treasure the people that live in it. Not because I love to clean.

As I mentioned earlier, keeping the house clean and tidy is a family job. My husband helps out with dishes if I’ve been out or overwhelmed and haven’t been able to get to them. Man Child cleans his bathroom. Each child is responsible for their own room (except Baby Boy). Man Child helps sweep after meals and Goose wipes the kitchen table and chairs down. We are blessed by our home and so very thankful for it so we all take responsibility to keep it clean and tidy. 

Oh and we constantly wipe the refrigerator down. Because stainless steel just means fingerprints, hand-prints, and sometimes face-prints.

Here are a few other house cleaning tips and tricks from some of my favorites:
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This is just a glimpse at our house cleaning tips and tricks mixed with a whole lot of grace. What are your house cleaning tips? Would love to hear them in the comments!


45 thoughts on “This Is How We Do It: Clean the House

  1. We have been cleaning the house all morning! And Jeremiah “helped”.. it was precious but challenging. How funny that you would post this today right in the midst of our deep cleaning.


  2. Totally with you on tidy = feels less overwhleming! Me too. I try to at least pick things up, even if I don’t clean as much/often as I’d like. πŸ™‚


  3. I thought I already posted on this, but I guess I didn’t 😦 Anyways, thanks so much for sharing this! I don’t have kiddos right now, but I love your point about cleaning around them and not giving up your quiet time. It’s worth fighting for. I also love how you make it a family event. That’s awesome!


  4. Lol I need a list and to stick to it, otherwise nothing will get done! That’s just me I guess. No happy medium πŸ™‚ Just out of curiousity (this is your first post I read) are Man Child and Goose names for your family members?


  5. Yes! “let’s be real, I clean because I am thankful for my home and treasure the people that live in it. Not because I love to clean.”
    I am a mom of two tots ages 2&3 and yes, it is almost impossible to clean with them (even when they are cleaning. lol) . And yes, cleaning the whole house in completely unheard of. We just clean the most used rooms as well.


  6. I love your laid back approach. I’m not a neat freak by any means, so this is much more sustainable for me. Also, I completely agree, quiet time is not for boring chores! Plus my toddler loves to help out πŸ™‚


  7. I am often glad that our apartment isn’t any larger, because cleaning already takes plenty of time! The whole house is tile, so I sweep and mop, realistically, twice a week, though I should be doing it three times a week. Cooking and kitchen wipe-down every day…we’ve only lived her two months so I haven’t even gone back in and cleaned the cupboards after the initial move-in cleaning, that should probaly be done before too much longer…
    My husband usually cleans the bathrooms, because bleach gives me a pounding headache, and he (probably do to a medical background) feels better knowing that the bathrooms are regularly cleaned with bleach. Mold and mildew are tough to combat in this climate, so bleach is probably a good thing.
    There’s only two of us, so I do a load of laundry and hang it up to dry about every other day. figuring out how to hang-dry tablecloths and sheets inside a 1000 sq. ft. apartment can be a little tricky, since they really have to be spread out well since it’s so humid they won’t dry otherwise…haha! Just means our house looks a little funny with sheets draped all over the chairs for a little while.


    • Wow! I’m exhausted just reading this! You are amazing, and definitely don’t need to be cleaning anymore than you are! I hate mopping and cleaning the inside of cabinets so those don’t happen until necessary. Which is almost never. πŸ˜‰ I love that you and your husband split up the chores!


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