Lessons From Ballet Class

Sitting here, watching my daughter practice at her (pre-)ballet class, I smile. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s a class of 4 and 5 year old girls. All dressed in pink tutus + pink ballet slippers + pink leotards. And they are surrounded by mirrors. I’ll just pause while you imagine the adorable-ness I get to enjoy every week.

{Ahem.} Did we pause long enough. Okay good.

Watching these girls practice also makes me wonder. I know, pre-ballet class is very deep, but stay with me here. I wonder, what would our lives look like if we shimmied and danced our hearts out. Sashayed without thought or care. Just danced.

Oh, and dance with pure joy. The joy these girls have, dressed head to toe in pink. If we danced, with pure joy. What would happen? What would our life look like? Even better, what would the world look like?

Except, I’m not talking about dance here. I know, it’s a shock. But what if we lived our lives with dedication and purpose? And what if we did all that with pure joy?

I sit here and think it’s idealist thinking. Right? It would be amazing, blessing to be certain, if we could live our life with dedication and purpose. It’s what some search for all their lives. It’s why people desire fresh starts. Purpose.

But instead of fresh starts, instead of searching. Let’s all stop. And let’s decide to live the life we were made for. Let’s start reading the Bible, the true word of God. Let’s start praying, with intention. Not asking or seeking for blessing, but instead to get to know God. Who He is and who He isn’t. Let’s decide to go deeper. Let’s live with dedication to the One. Let’s decide that if we are going to do this thing, we should do it fully.

And maybe even dressed head to toe in pink.

Let’s cling to the JOY we find in Him. Let’s cling to the WISDOM we find in Him. Let’s cling to the STRENGTH we find in Him. Let’s cling to the REST we find in Him. What would it look like if we lived, dedicated to our purpose? Doing it all with pure joy. And maybe even a little pink. 

love to you


39 thoughts on “Lessons From Ballet Class

  1. Great post! I try everyday to live my life with joy, intention and in being present! If we’re constantly thinking about other things, planning the future, making to-do lists and on our dang phones, we can’t be present, and that robs us of our joy. Great reminders here!


  2. Loved this! I have so many good memories of ballet class. I still love to dance, there’s nothing like just listening to the music and going for it. Dance parties with my kids are my favorite.


  3. I love this. It’s so true, children go about life with a happy attitude we should all strive for. We should all make the choice to live our lives in a way that recognizes God’s goodness in it. We have so many blessings to be thankful for and the best way to show our gratitude to our Heavenly Father is to live a purposeful and service-filled life.


  4. Your post made me smile! And my baby sister just started little ballet lessons every week–I love hearing her talk so excitedly about them and show me the different choreographed moves that she’s learned. I love the passion and joy–that ought certainly to be applied to all of life!


  5. Ah, I’ve known the very pinkness of those ballet classes with my girls. I’ve know the wide smiles and the freedom and liberty with which they dance. I too want to live my life with such abandon. I want to be all in. Thank you for this metaphor. I won’t soon forget it.


  6. She’s adorable!! I say, let’s do it! My purpose is to live life with authentic praise. This is where I have missed it most. Too often I go through the routines of each day without truly allowing my heart to overflow with appreciation and thankfulness and then allowing that to express in real praise and celebration of God, who He is, and all He has done.


  7. I love this post! I will think of it every Saturday morning when I take my littlest to her own ballet class. I do love to watch her twirl and sway and turn and leap. She’s only five, so it’s not exactly lovely dancing, but it’s lovely to watch her just twirl with abandon no matter who is watching. She dances like no one is watching! Our lives should be lived in abandon to the Lord and then all other things will fall into place – maybe not where we’d put them, but where He wants them for His glory. Thank you for these thoughts!


    • Oh thank you, Kristin! Haha – my daughter is the same (5yrs old and more looking at herself then dancing). 😉 I love the reminder that if we live with abandon to God, life may look differently but exactly how He wants. Which is beautifully perfect and all for His glory. 💗


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