How Great the Father’s Love for Us

Today finds me feeling cloudy. I stare out the window and the weather mirrors my feelings. Or perhaps, I mirror them. I cannot find the words to put with my thoughts. Or rather, I cannot seem to nail down my thoughts. They seem scattered. A mess.

Do you have those same days. The ones that begin with rain at the bus stop, continue on with children getting sick, and then by the time nap/quiet time roles around, you feel sick too. The ones that find your son walking home from the bus stop crying and frustrated. The ones where your heart just sits breaking and wondering, unsure of words or wisdom to share. (Not that I’m speaking specifically about my day today.)

Maybe that was a little specific, but you know the days I’m talking about. Sometimes nothing needs to happen for me to feel blank and cloudy. Other days it is compounded by the way life is thrown at you. And you are left to sit and wonder. Why am I a mess? Why is my life messy? What did I miss?

Why am I not enough? Why can’t I do it all?

And I am reminded, each and every time my mind wanders there: I don’t need to be enough. That in my weakness, I remind my children of the One who is enough. That in the times when the world seems unfair and rough, there is One who has conquered the world. And what glory that He lives in us!

Today, Man-Child came home from school. Alone. A day without friends. My heart breaks for him. I speak to him, to his heart. Reminding him of the role he plays, the importance of his words. And I pray with him. For his heart. For this fragile heart that yearns to belong. For this brave child who keeps pushing, keeps hoping for a friend that is kind. After talking and snacks, we turn to his new Awanas verse:

The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you;ย 
He will never leave you nor forsake you.
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. – Deuteronomy 31:8

And once more, I am reminded of the depth of our Father’s love for us. I am reminded of the power of His words. I am reminded of His truth. And even Man-Child saw a glimpse of the ways God speaks straight to our hearts. The ways He sees us, right where we are at. Mess and all. Brokenness and all.

I pray this finds you, right where you are, and encourages you. I pray it reminds you too: you don’t need to be enough. Even in this world that is constantly asking us to be everything. I pray it reminds you that there is One that loves you more than all of this. That He is with you. That He cares for you and wrote you the most precious words. All to encourageย you.ย 


38 thoughts on “How Great the Father’s Love for Us

  1. Oh Ashley….I too am finding that one of the most heart-wrenching parts of motherhood is bearing the sorrow and heartache of our children. It’s almost unbearable when it hits, isn’t it? I’m sitting in my mini-van, about to go into a meeting for work, but pausing first and praying for you. For us. Us mothers in this together. Building your son up in prayer right now, friend.


  2. This is beautiful. I know exactly the type of day you’re talking about, and I’m actually (hopefully) coming out of a whole line of them. What a great reminder of God’s love for us. Thank you for this!


  3. Beautiful words. I’ve definitely had those days where everything seems to fall apart and I just can’t do it, and I love your reminder that even there we are held by the one who created us and loves us dearly. Thanks for this encouragement!


  4. I’m feeling more and more foggy as the temperature drops. Coming from a tropical country, winter is particularly hard on me as I get holed up and inactive. But writing and turning those thoughts into words do help.


  5. Love this reflection today friend. It’s blank and cloudy where I’m sitting and I’m so thankful for Jesus, the rock in the storm, the light of the world. His love for us is so so great.


      • Oh my gosh you ARE. I mean, of course they have God and everything amazing through him, but you are everything to them. You can tell simply from your stories and your photos. Just try to remember that everything you do for them IS enough. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค


  6. Ash, this is so good!!! ” I pray it reminds you too: you don’t need to be enough. Even in this world that is constantly asking us to be everything.” <— love this! So much truth. Thank you for sharing honestly & vulnerably.


  7. I totally had one of those days on Monday, compounded by lack of sleep, of course. I just wanted to throw in the towel and forget all about writing, blogging, my house, working out — all the things that are supposed to keep me healthy, basically, but at that moment it felt like they were contributing to more chaos. It’s in those moments when I just need to get the emotions out, cry a little bit, tell God I can’t do it, and let him comfort me. Thanks for sharing your experiences with this and reminding us that it’s okay and natural to have those cloudy days, because they can point us to the Father’s love.


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