The Grace of His Word

Hello again, dear friends. It has been far too long. Far, far too long. And I have missed this each and every moment I have been ‘away.’

As I return to my spot at the kitchen counter; this small corner designated for me + my blog; I cry. Tears of missing this writing, these words, this open heart. Tears over time past. Tears for my own heart, the turmoil I have been battling. The turmoil that has caused this space and time between us.

Because maybe you’re like me. I run away from the things I love when I get overwhelmed and ‘foggy.’ It’s something I need to get better about. And I have. Mostly.

So here I am. I’m sorry for the long, unannounced break. Sometimes life sneaks up on you. Life throws you off balance. And time passes before you regain it. And that’s okay. Because, well, because of grace.

I want to return to this place of vulnerability. This place of openness. I want to go back to the beginning. To who I am at my very core. I want to go back to what I believe and the power of His words.

Though I have been overwhelmed, I am reminded of His truth as I returned to the Psalms. It’s funny that when I run from His words and finally come back, the words I read next are the very ones that would have calmed my soul all that time ago.

“Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you in turmoil within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him,
my salvation and my God.” 
(Psalm 42:5)

I need not worry, nor feel overwhelmed. My hope is in the living God and my salvation rests in Him. That is all I need. To praise Him. To wait on Him. To trust in Him.

And that, dear friends, is why I love the scriptures. Why I urge everyone to read them daily, to spend time there. Because these beautiful words are alive, even still today. They breath healing truths. They aren’t always easy. But you will find truth in them. You will be challenged by them. And you will find Him in them.

And let’s be real, you won’t find that truth anywhere else. Not here. Not in a devotional. Nothing written by mere men. Because these words are God’s. They are breathed and formed by Him. They speak of His heart. Of His love. Of us. They are alive and true. They are real and deep. And nothing, nothing, compares to them.

So if you find yourself with just a few minutes to read. Skip the devotional and grab your Bible. Open it, anywhere! And just start reading. I promise you, it will be wonderful.

Okay friends, I promise I will be back this week with a post about our October. Because it was a month full of blessing and celebration. And lots and lots of soccer.

love to you

10 thoughts on “The Grace of His Word

  1. Love this verse. I like to sing it – there was an old accapella praise tape that got stuck in my mom’s car for awhile so I used to sing it a lot and it just feels like a part of me.

    I’ve missed your words 🙂


  2. I can relate on so many levels, I tend to get lost when worldly things overwhelm me. I then put my focus on besting them and being the best while doing it and I always come up short. My need to live up to a precieved version of perfection always leaves me feeling lost and anxeity-ridden. So these past few weeks I’ve tried to bring my focus back to where it needs to be. The amazing grace that tells me that I’m loved, that Jesus died on the cross for me, no questions asked, nothing asked for doing it. He took my place and because of this amazing act of love and grace I’m saved! And I live in this world now and I’ll do my best to make it brighter and spreading God’s love but I’m also not in need of the acceptance of the people I work with as I’m a child of God and He loves me and accepts me. I still have doubts and fear but it’s getting better and my focus is on loving God and Jesus with everything I have because it makes me feel so good. I hope this made some sense?!? Love you and thank you for these words, they speak to my soul!


    • Oh friend. It makes complete sense. I am so thankful for your vulnerability. Your words ring true for so many of us. This life is full and busy. It pulls us in strange directions. It causes anxiety. The enemy is real and attacks us. And yet, God is there. With us. He knows our heart and our anxieties. Keep praising Him.


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