On Settling {#WholeMama}

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in on the #WholeMama posts. I lost track of the group and the words. And honestly, I continued on. I missed the group of women, the community, I had found – but as we all know, life continues.

And then randomly, thank you social media, I found them once again. And what a perfect week to jump back in. Because this week, our prompt is settling.

After #WholeMama, I had settled into a routine. A new routine of writing, of summer with family, of playing, and downright craziness. It was a beautiful season. One filled with adventures, friends, and life.

Yet, as time always does, it skipped forward, quickly and abruptly. And I found myself in fall. My favorite season, but one I never truly settled in. Fall was a season of seeking a pace. It was a time of trying to settle in. Trying to create the ‘perfect’ schedule that would be both life-giving and freeing.


Shockingly, I never found it. And now, as spring peaks it’s head around the  hopeful ending of winter, I find myself running from settling. I want to burst out of the cocoon I had been frantically piecing together. I want to run, searching out life.

Honestly, I just want to run on some green grass with my puppy. (No, I do not actually have a puppy.)

And that’s where settling leaves me. In this strange middle ground. The meeting place of comfort and newness. Grasping for life, while clinging to safety. 

What does settling mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below, or join us over at #WholeMama.

love to you

3 thoughts on “On Settling {#WholeMama}

  1. Settling has different connotations for me. The first one is positive–settling into a new place or routine. The second is is more negative–settling for something less than we are capable of, or selling ourselves short. I guess it is about perspective.


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