The Beauty of Remembering: A Look Back at January

I love this tradition.

Pulling up my calendar (yes, I still use a paper calendar), my journals, and my phone. Sifting through pages, words, and pictures. Remembering the beautiful and hard moments of the prior month. Those moments that when pieced together, paint a beautiful picture of the month before. And usually, it’s a picture of grace that I hadn’t even noticed as I lived each of those moments.

You know how much I love remembering. It builds gratitude. Throughout the Old Testament and within the old covenant, God urges His people to remember. To pause their daily lives and take time to remember His work in their lives. His provision. His steadfastness. 

Honestly, I think it’s something we miss so much today. This remembering builds my relationship with God, the trust I have in Him. It builds and strengthens my faith. Not because of something I have done, but because spending moments looking back shows me the way God is faithful amidst the everyday moments. The ways God is faithful and refining me in those hard moments. Remembering shows me the way God is working each and every moment to shape me. So that I reflect His perfect Son more clearly.

You see, if someone asked me what January held, I would shrug and say nothing. But as I glimpse through the words in my journals, my gratitude list, my calendar, and my pictures I see something I missed. I see the grace in the everyday. I see grace in the small, easily taken for granted moments.

This year, January began the way it has for 11 years: celebrating marriage. This year Greg and I ran away to Lake Geneva for a few days. We treasure these moments of time, reconnecting. Remembering each other, without the (joyful) distractions of our littles.

We enjoyed time with friends and family. Celebrating birthdays and the everyday. Enjoying life in community.


We watched as the littles continued growing and learning. Goosey-Girl is picking up reading so well. Boy-Child is growing with his social skills (a big goal for us)! Man-Child is learning the art of self-motivation and putting forth his best effort. And Baby-Boy, who really isn’t a baby, is talking more and more. And really embracing the joy of having so many playmates.

January began a new season of activities, new “date nights,” and annual doctor visits. (And good news for Boy-Child at his appointments.)


January was also a month of mishaps. The most memorable being my car dying when I needed to pick up Boy Child from school. This may not seem like a huge deal, but Boy Child has some special needs + severe anxiety. Throw in me arriving to school (very) late and in a different car …and a lot of his “old” anxieties resurfaced. However, this crazy afternoon reminded me how continually blessed we are by our neighbors.

I also re-started my Etsy store: Crochet A Smile. I love crocheting and am excited to be working with yarn more, once again. I love the personal way handmade items touch people and families. And I feel so honored to be a small part of those moments. Be sure to follow along on my with me and this handmade adventure! You can follow CrochetASmile on my Instagram or Facebook pages!

crochet bear
I love spending even just a few minutes and seeing the way a month wasn’t quite as I remembered. And January was certainly one of those months. How about you? How was your January? Can you take a few moments to remember January? Did you miss something small, like I did, in the rush of life?

  1. love to you

One thought on “The Beauty of Remembering: A Look Back at January

  1. I love that you call him “boy child”! Hehe. This is such a beautiful post! I love going through memories. Especially now that I have a babe of my own, who will be one in May. The days seem to go by so much faster now! Sigh.


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