Friday Favorites: Family Pictures {Part One}

It’s been a busy week. Or really, it’s been a hard one.

It hasn’t been filled with any abnormal difficulty. Instead, this past weekend I had the honor to travel to Dallas for a women’s conference: Hope Spoken. It was a beautiful weekend. One that left me feeling refreshed and seen.

…until I got home. Or really, until the kids woke up and we had the typical get-ready-for-school-oh-my-gosh-why-isn’t-anyone-ready day. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that has these insane school mornings.)

Anyway, I was expecting to re-enter my typical life easily. I mean, I was handling it (fairly) easily before I left. But somehow, the time away. The quiet, left me wanting more of it. And not that I don’t want my life. The busy-ness. The loudness. The cloudiness. Actually, I’m pretty sure I could get used to the sunshine of Texas. 

friday favorites

I promise to share more about the conference. More about how I was blessed by the women there and friendships in Texas. I will also share the ugly truth of how I felt coming back into this crazy #momlife.  But today is not that day. Instead I’m sharing something light and easy. Because, honestly, that’s what I’m needing today. I’m needing to remember just how much I truly do love this life. How much I love these little ones I am blessed with. How much I love the noise and the mud. The crumbs and the boogers. Oh so many boogers. And I do. I love it all. …mostly. (though not usually after 7pm.)

So today, I’m sharing our annual family pictures. I am so very blessed to have multiple friends that are incredible photographers. This session was done by Jill. She also writes a blog and shares so much wisdom. Be sure to check it out!

I love being able to see the ways we all change and grow: taller and more into who we were created to be. More sure. More confident. And each year, we are able to remember the prior year. We are able to rejoice in this year. And because it’s friends taking our pictures, I know they will capture who we are.

Silly, messy and all. 

So join me as I take a look at our family pictures from this past fall. Enjoy, friends!

love to you


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