The Fullness of February: A Look Back

I almost missed looking back on February. I’m not sure why. I feel like March has lasted forever. No end in sight. 

Except there is an end. And it’s today. 

So here I am, reflecting. Remembering. Remembering faithfulness and hope. Remembering the power of community. 

February was a quick month. It was a month that began with phone ‘dates’ and play dates.  And ended with seeing my new nephew, time with our small group, and mornings spent with friends. 

Perhaps more than being a quick month, February was a full month. Something I think I will be seeing more of in these coming months. And something that I think should be celebrated, when done right. 

You see, I believe in rest (so much that I’ve been nicknamed sloth in the past). But I also believe that Jesus asked us to serve others. Abundantly. He didn’t ask us to do only our favorite things. Or to love others by doing the minimum. He asked us to go the extra distance. To stretch outside of the comfortable. To love, and live well. 

February, of course, held Valentine dances and parties with the kids. Moments that are big and important in their eyes. Moments that allow us to love well, oh so easily. 

It held frequent play dates and coffee dates. February held moments with close friends that I only see once every few months. Moments that fill my soul. 

February, literally, held babies. February began with cuddles with my sweet niece and ended with my darling nephew. Meeting him this month is one of my very favorite moments from February. I don’t think there is anything quite so beautiful as a brand new baby. Especially one that has been hard sought and fervently prayed over.

February also gave us opportunities to serve others. We brought the older kids to Feed My Starving Children. It was an incredible time, working with others, to make a difference in the world. A time to teach our children generosity and love. We had friends at our house for mornings and for nights. We made dinners to celebrate new life. 

And oh how we celebrated. We celebrated friendship. We celebrated new beginnings. And we celebrated with my brother (in law) and his family as they began a new journey in Texas, planting a church in Austin. We celebrated life. 

And I celebrated my completed Bible reading. It was a joy. It was also a 3 month plan that took me 6 months. But it was a time that strengthened my heart. My soul. It strengthened my love for the Word. And it was a beautiful time of growth in my own life. And so as I jump back into reading the New Testament, I do it will joy and excitement. Anticipating God’s movement in my life and the way He will use my quiet time with His Word.  

February was certainly a full month. But it was filled with moments to love others well and to be loved well. It was filled with life. 

I know it’s a little far away, but go back and look at your February. What moments can you be grateful for? 


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