The Grace of Absence

I’ve been pretty absent around here. I’ve written post after post to explain why. But I never hit publish. Something was always missing. 

So here I am. Months since last sharing. Months since my last monthly look back. Months since naming a season.

And the longer I’ve been away, the harder it’s been to come back. Because I should feel bad for all the things I haven’t shared here. 

But instead, I feel joy at the time I’ve spent reading with my little ones. Sitting with them. …Even the time I’ve spent washing clothes and dishes. 

Because friends, it’s been a long four months. A season of late nights and work on the weekends for my husband. A looooong “busy season.”

And instead of feeling that weight and over committing myself, I’ve followed after what God set before me and let go of the rest. 

I nurtured my family. I cared for them. 

I worked on myself. I continued reading my Bible and re-read the New Testament. And have completely fallen in love with it. 

I cared for our home. I’ve organized and sorted. Marveled after how much the children have grown. Organized donations. Cleaned and tidied. 

I enjoyed reuniting with neighbors as spring weather came upon us. 

I traveled. Celebrated my husband’s birthday, rejoiced with a friend getting married, attended a women’s conference, saw friends and family, and learned about other cultures while serving women. 

I planted our garden. Trimmed back spring growth. I pulled weeds and planted new flowers. 

I continued my practice of daily gratitude. And realized that it has not only changed my heart, my perspective, but my behavior as well. 

I volunteered at the kids schools. Bug day. Check. (So wish I was joking about that one.) Valentine Party. Check. And I attended even more events. Mothers Day tea. Check. Open house. Check. Book fair. Check. 

We took a family vacation. We shared close quarters. Packed light. And enjoyed ice cream outside every day. 

But most of all, I’ve had fun. I’ve laughed and cuddled. I’ve taught new responsibilities. And I’ve watched my little ones flourish and grow.

How was your May (and March and April)? Mine was/were pretty wonderful. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for regular pictures, updates, and maybe even a little inspiration. 


3 thoughts on “The Grace of Absence

  1. Ohhh I wasn’t the only one who’s been gone?! I’m glad that you’re back, and me too! Unfortunately mine was a mixture of being hacked, and then trying to get back in the habit. Hopefully we’ll both stick around this time!


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