On Your Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was a beautiful day. I enjoyed time laughing and gardening. Walking and playing with my daughter. My sweet ‘Goose.’ 

And all of a sudden it hit me. This is the end of half day school. Of these quiet moments. Moments that seem stolen away from the ever present ticking of time.

Moments filled with hugs and little girl giggles. Of snuck in ‘girl time’ in a house filled with boys. Moments filled with words and stories. Moments brimming over with love. 

Moments where our dreams come true with our eyes open. 

… A phrase I learned today from my six year old. As I pulled her along in our little red wagon. She imagined herself as a princess (because she is…in all the good ways.) being carried along in her royal carriage. Dreaming with her eyes open. 

Yet I cannot mourn the changes. Because we’ve had all of this. Dreams in the here and now. Dreams with our eyes open. We’ve had this time of wonder and hugs. 

And it isn’t leaving. But it is changing. 

She will spend ‘girl time’ with her friends. Giggling at boys. Her reading audience will include more than teddy bears and me. She will grow and change.

And she will flourish. 

She will begin to share her giftings with those blessed to be around her. She will share her kindness and compassion.  Her strength and gentleness. Her intelligence and persistence. 

And I get to watch. Encouraging her. Reminding her of truth. That she is brave and strong. Created with a purpose. Made with a spirit of courage and strength. 

Praying that her dreams come true while her eyes are open. 


5 thoughts on “On Your Last Day of Kindergarten

  1. My sweet little goose is growing up soooo fast. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry reading this post, but I just couldn’t. Mostly tears of joy looking forward to her bright future, but some tears of sadness as I do want to cling to her and not let her grow up as well!


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