A Look Back at October

Given the current climate, I thought it would be appropriate to re-start my monthly gratitude posts. (Also given the fact that October was ever so slightly exhausting for me.)

If you’re new here, welcome! These monthly remembrances are a time to sit down, to reflect on the last month. To see the beautiful hidden in the mess. To see the glory that gets overlooked by exhaustion. I take this time to sit down with my phone (because where else would all my pictures be?), journal, and calendar. And I remember the good and the bad. The hard and emotional days,  the victorious days, and the regular life days.

Enjoy the look back, friends. And maybe take a few minutes to remember the beauty and grace in your October. (And if it’s hard to find, check out this post about gratitude and how to find it. Because I promise it’s there. Sometimes it’s just hard to see.)

October. Where to start. You were exhausting.

Honestly, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. We hit a homeschool groove (and honestly, almost felt like old pros). We traveled. We attended a gala (okay, that’s slightly out of the ordinary). And we hosted friends. It was a month filled with community and routine. And honestly, it was beautiful.

But there was something about the way it dragged on. The way it grew steadily darker as I woke each morning. …and it was still a busy time for Greg.

At some point, October broke me. I whined. I complained. And then…as I woke up one morning. To the dark (insert thumbs down emoji). But then, the most beautiful sunrise.

I wish a camera (on a phone) could do a sunrise through a window (it was ‘early’ morning, so I wasn’t actually going to go outside) justice, because there was simply something amazing about it. Something different. Something special. Like it was meant solely for me.

And it was then that I remembered. It was then that something stirred once more, deep in my soul. And I was truly grateful.

It’s something strange, friends. I had continued to practice daily gratitude. I had continued to spend quiet time (though admittedly shorter with the start of homeschooling). But it always felt forced. Something had changed and I couldn’t get back to where I had been.

But that morning shifted my focus. It moved me back. And that, friends was my October. It was a time of grumbling, complaining even in the midst of blessing and adventure. It was a time of frustration even as life was abounding. And then, it was a time of remembering and seeing God’s glory. A time of remembering relationship. A time of gratitude.

And because we’re friends, here’s some fun pictures of what October actually held for my family and I. Remember, to keep more up to date with us, head to Instagram. Because who can resist posting pictures of our littles and all the crazy that comes along with them?

And there it is. October. As told by pictures: galas, pumpkin experiments, life with dinosaurs, tailgating at University of Illinois, trip to Austin, apple picking (x2), pumpkin carving, and of course trick-or-treating. And to top it all off, a double thumbs down. Because this, friends, is life with boys.

How about you? How was your October? Can you look back on it and recall what was beautiful amidst the hard. I always find it helps my perspective when I take a moment and look back at life.



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