Who I Am

Warren Dunes

Welcome, I’m Ashley!

My life is the “normal” wife and mom life. And by “normal” I mean – frequently I feel like I am crazy, or all the people around me are crazy! I love Jesus and cling to His GRACE each day, all day. And when I forget to cling to Him, the fog rolls in and I lose my way.

But let me get back to the people who share a house with me.

I am beyond blessed to have met and married my high school sweetheart. We have known each other and seen each other through beautiful times, ugly times, and downright hard times. But through it all, we have grown closer to one another and to our Savior. It hasn’t always been pretty, and we fell and failed a lot, but we are here, present, and growing.

We also have FOUR children. Yes, four. They are each 2 years apart and provide lots of fun, laughs, tears, heartache, memories, beauty, and headaches. They have been a constant reminder of God’s love for me and His GRACE to me. They are a refining tool in my life and each day, I pray to parent them and to love them more as Christ loves me. I’m learning, failing, growing, and trying.

In it all, I have learned that this life, this beautiful, messy, complicated life is my journey. I am climbing my MOUNTAIN of GRACE. I’m slipping, falling, reaching, and succeeding. I make mistakes, and I say “I’m sorry.”  I choose to love my husband and those around me. I choose each day, to courageously lead my children to know God. I bravely am stepping out, choosing to say YES to all God has in store for me. And I choose GRACE for everyone and for myself.

My hope for this blog is that it will be a place where Jesus shines; where we can encourage one another; and where we can be brave, open and honest with each other.

Please join me as I openly and honestly share with you my journey through life, parenting, and personal growth. All as I cling to GRACE.

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