The Purposeful Fall

I love words. I believe they hold meaning and are oh so powerful. I believe speaking words over our life and our seasons is impactful. And so I have begun the practice of naming and claiming each season as a family.

Though fall started a few days ago, I have been thinking and praying over our word for this fall. And tonight, as I drove to MOPS, I got it. This fall would be purposeful. I want each moment, each word, each interaction to be purposeful. Of course there is grace, because we certainly won’t be purposeful in all that we do. But we can try. And if there is anything to be learned from claiming and naming a season, it is grace. It is that through naming our season, we are choosing to live intentionally and with loads of grace.

Purposeful. Fall is a season of busyness. When fall begins, we are still trying to find our way through our new schedules. We are celebrating birthdays (most of us are fall birthdays). Fall ushers in yard work galore. Fall is the final hurrah for spending time outdoors, so we spend as much time as possible outside. Fall is the beginning of the holidays and with it we celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is the time when activities start for the kids…and for me. Fall is a beginning.

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