The First Snow

There is just something so beautiful about the first snow. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but tonight, I sit, watching snowflakes fall. As they cover the branches  of the trees in the backyard. As the pines become a beautiful winter white. I cannot help but feel something special. Something new.

As I stare out at the sleeping wonderland around me, I feel peace. It is quiet and still. The snow is pure and white. There is nary a footprint to mar it’s beauty.

Perhaps this first snowfall of the season is even more special because it began at night. After (or rather, as) my little ones were tucked quietly into their beds, the snow began its magical and wondrous decent. It quietly began to cover the ground. Nudging the earth to sleep once more.

And it is there that the beauty begins, isn’t it? In the quiet. You know my life is really, anything but quiet. But here, as the snow silently falls, it is. I simply stare out the window. Marveling at the beauty of a snow-covered branch. And it reminds me of more. It reminds me of Him. The Creator. His marvelous works.

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Road Trip


Before I begin, I need to start by saying: THANK YOU. Thank you for reading and encouraging me. But more than that, thank you for sharing the stories of YOUR JOURNEYS with me. The kind messages I received since my last post were examples of the community I wish for this blog. So THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the journey with me and for allowing me to come alongside yours.


This weekend, my husband and I decided to surprise our oldest 2 kids with a winter getaway. It equated to 14 hours of driving for, basically, one full day of winter fun. Some of you may think I am completely insane – and really, I wouldn’t argue with you! But somehow I convinced my ever wonderful husband that this was totally and completely worth it!

Can you tell? I LOVE road trips. My love began when my husband took me out west after we got married. We would drive west and visit National Park after National Park for 2 weeks. Something ignited in me. I felt ALIVE and FREE!

There is something about the FREEDOM of the open road. There is a PEACE, a QUIET, and BEAUTY there.

The night before we left my heart was bursting with excitement. The anticipation of the road trip was killing me. I was like a child before Christmas. Seriously. I hate mornings, and the morning of our trip, I was practically begging my husband to just let us leave!


Driving on the straight expressway for miles upon miles, I was struck by just how HAPPY I was. The burdens my heart had picked up over the last month were lifted and I was at PEACE. I felt LIGHTER. My heart REJOICED. I was FREE. I DELIGHTED in the journey, the scenery, and the beauty all around me.

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