Celebrating Motherhood {#WholeMama}

Celebrate. This is the last topic for the #WholeMama link up. This link-up has been a beautiful community of writers. It has also been a place that challenges each of us, thereby creating true and lasting growth. For all #WholeMama has been, I am sincerely thankful.


Oftentimes, I find myself mourning the end of a season, a friendship, or a community. I know and understand that there are times for things and a time for you to continue growing outside of the comfort that has been created. But I cannot help to look back and remember. Instead of celebrating as I remember, I mourn. 

Today I am choosing to celebrate with #WholeMama. I am choosing to remember and celebrate the growth I saw and the topics I thought upon. Today, I am choosing to celebrate {Whole Motherhood.}

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