Greece Favorites: Part Two

I am joining in with Andrea at Momfessionals, Narci at Grace and Love Blog, &Erika at A Little Bit of Everything Blog for Friday Favorites. And sharing my favorites from my Greece trip, Part Two! (If you haven’t read Part One, you totally should!)


I think the second half of my time on Crete was my favorite. But that may not be fair. I truly loved every moment. But there is something magical about adventuring alone. I never understood it, as I have never been alone. But when I visited the Acropolis and had Wednesday, a free day, I felt a freedom I have never experienced before. I learned more about myself, relied on myself. And found how strong my comfort zones really are. I look back and wish my solo day came later in the trip, so I could have felt more at ease really exploring each alley, each street. But I know I will be back.

The second half of the stay also held visits to my Yia-Yia’s ancestoral homes. Seeing where your roots are, where they come from is powerful. It was always something I held onto loosely, but seeing the home my Yia-Yia was born in caused my heart to leap. The connection ran deep. Deeper than I ever imagined, even with the strong connection my Yia-Yia and I share.

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Greece Favorites: Part One

Today I am joining in with Andrea at Momfessionals, Narci at Grace and Love Blog, & Erika at A Little Bit of Everything Blog for Friday Favorites. And I am sharing some of my Greece Favorites! Because, if you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you know I was in Greece last week! (And if you don’t follow me yet, you should: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin.)


Okay, moving on from my shameful self promotion…


My flight out began Sunday night. Sunday afternoon, I began freaking out. I have never traveled alone (without Greg or my family) and I was becoming fearful. I fed that fear and finally, had to make the hard choice: to continue living in irrational fear or to remember God’s faithfulness and trust. I chose the latter. You can read more about the fear, here.

Before I had to face that fear, I tried to prepare myself as best I could. I decided to pack only carry-ons. You know, so I wouldn’t have to worry about my bags making it all the way to Greece and so I wouldn’t have to conquer the baggage carousel. (I told you my fears are irrational.)

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Embracing the Mess of Me {#WholeMama}

Mess. Today I find myself away from home. (You can follow me on Instagram to see pictures as I adventure in Greece!) Removed from life with my littles. Far from the everyday mess. The everyday crazy and blessing that is life with littles.

And for me, it is easy to say that life can be messy with my littles. It is easy to push that mess aside and onto life with children. Instead of accepting any of that mess as my own. Instead of taking responsibility for my mess. Instead of acknowledging that the mess is mine too.

But, really, being away doesn’t mean I am away from the mess. No, instead I bring some of that mess with me. Even though I am exploring. Intentionally choosing to discover Chania, to see it with my own eyes. Through my own lens. Even though I am an adult and should have my act together. I bring along my mess. My good and my bad. The areas I am still growing. And I make a mess. In relationships. With people. With family.

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Thankful Heart: Greece

In the airport. Preparing to leave for Greece. Honestly I have been preparing for this for weeks. Counting down the hours, the minutes. And now that the time is near, I wonder how it is already here. How I am already leaving.

But now. Today, today fear is crippling me. Please, don’t get me wrong. I am still excited. But the fear. The fear grew. Unabated. Free. And this afternoon, when I realized I would have enough time to leave the Athens airport and get a peak at the Acropilis, fear reared its ugly head. I debated not leaving the airport. Because fear. Because if I take a taxi alone, bad things could happen. (Yes, I seriously have not even taken a taxi in Chicago alone!) Because what if 100 (or even 10) things happen and I miss my flight to Crete. But my husband and a dear friend reminded me – even if I miss my flight, I can book a new one and to pray. That I am not being foolish. That I am choosing to trust. That I am choosing adventure. And it will be amazing.

But still. Fear reigned. And as Greg drove me to the airport, fear continued to grow. It tried to overtake my excitement. To steal it from me. Tearing away my adventure. My courage.

And now. Here I sit. Through security. In the international airport I have rarely visited. And even rarer by myself. And I am deliberately, intentionally choosing to trust.

Because I will not fear. I need not fear. With the next step I take, I will choose to embrace adventure. Trust. Courage.

Because this is an amazing experience. This is a wonderful gift. And I will not squander it on fear. So instead, I will remember. I will spend time in thankfulness. Because what better way to combat fear than by remembering God’s provision.

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