Courage In My Too Much: Over-Sharing

Have you seen the (I think) new Taco Bell commercial? It is for a personal nacho thing. I think. Honestly, I have no idea, it doesn’t really matter. All I know is I love the commercial. It is a guy talking about how tired he is of sharing. We grow up being told to share: you share the sink when brushing your teeth, you share your toys. And now, you share your feelings, baby pictures on social media, selfies, the road… I laugh every time I see it. Probably because I am that over-sharer. And a mom that reminds my littles to share, to be a team, every.single.moment.

But do we? Do we over-share? Am I guilty of too much? Of sharing too much. Of being too much.

I already admitted that I am an over-sharer. I love sharing pictures of my littles, tales of their antics. I love to share life; the funny parts, the messy parts, and the grace-filled beautiful parts. I love to share my home (you can read more about my heart for my home, here), to share my time, to share a meal. I love giving gifts. Okay, that’s giving, not sharing, but giving is kind of like sharing…right?

I am also terrible at sharing. I don’t like sharing my food. My desserts. My candy. Wait. That’s all food related. Okay. I’m also terrible at sharing “my stuff.”

So maybe I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m probably being too generous with that statement. I over-share in some regards and in others, I am still learning what it means to extend myself. To truly share.

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