Creating a Gratitude Journal

You all know how much I love gratitude and crafting, right? I know I haven’t shared many crocheting posts lately, but if you follow me on Instagram (nudge, nudge) you will see a steady stream of crochet goodies and maybe even some other crafts. (Probably not, but you never know.)

This Thanksgiving season reminds us of the importance of gratitude. Of giving thanks. It encourages us to take time and remember. And I love seeing social media taken over with friends spending time in daily gratitude.

I remember when I first learned about this idea of year long, daily gratitude. I was given the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Ann was living her life as a homesteading, homeschooling, mother and wife. She was wrapped in the typical. In the normal. And friends, isn’t that right where we find ourselves too? Wrapped in the small, average, daily moments of life. So a friend challenged her to list 1,000 gifts. To practice daily thankfulness. And she said yes. This daily practicing of Thanksgiving changed her life. And her heart.

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Lessons in Thankfulness: 4 Tips to Practicing Gratefulness

I find myself writing a lot about gratitude. I talk about thankfulness and how it has affected me. And my life. But then I continue on. I continue with life without ever going into details. I continue on without sharing what thankfulness means and how to practice it in a practical way.  So today, today I will stop rushing past. Yes, today I am pausing and reflecting. Today, I will share what gratefulness is to me and what it has done in me.

practicing gratitude


About a year ago I was given a book. One Thousand Gifts by Ann VoskampThis book changed my life. Seriously, I don’t say this lightly. At all. I have never read something so profound (you know, other than the Bible), that it literally changed the way I lived and viewed my life. Ann shares so vulnerably, so personally her own journey of gratitude and grace. She walks us through her life, her story, and her journey through thankfulness. Her journey began with a challenge. A challenge to document 1000 gifts. A challenge to live this life, with the ups and the downs, to the full. She began with a journal and a pen and then began using a camera to document the small and big ways she experienced gratefulness. The small and big ways she experienced the love of her Heavenly Father.


That is where I met, Ann. I met her in the middle of the easy and the hard. I met her on my own journey through life with a special needs child. I met her on my own journey of understanding who I am outside of motherhood or marriage. I met her on my own journey to understanding the love of the One who created me. And honestly, I began this journey of gratefulness thinking it was a bit silly, even unnecessary. I practice thankfulness at the dinner table daily, with my children. We recount our days for one another, grateful for the hearts that beat so closely together.

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June: Celebrating Grace

June has been a month of transitions. School ended. Summer began. Family trip to Florida. Potty training. Change upon change. Transition upon transition. And I know we still aren’t done.

Life is tricky like that. We get used to it. We accept the hard and the beautiful parts of our season. And then. Just like that, it changes. It alters before we even notice the last season is gone. Before we really get to celebrate it, it passes. So this month, we have been trying to celebrate. Each milestone. Each change. Each new word. Because we know. We know how easy it is to move on. To move on before we even realize it is happening. We know the kids get older and older and time won’t stop. We know that the summer will race past us, hopefully filled with adventures, and then it will be gone and we will be frantically purchasing school supplies and preparing for a new year.


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