Seeking Wisdom

“Give me wisdom and knowledge to go out and come in before this people,
for who can govern this people of Yours, which is so grand?” 

Oh to walk into this great task, this grand adventure of parenting and to ask for wisdom and knowledge is jaw dropping. Okay, so technically this quote was from King Solomon (2 Chronicles 1:10). And he wasn’t speaking of his children or of parenting, but rather of leading a nation. But there are some things that are true to both parenting and leading a nation. Right? I mean, really, they are both leading a group of people, a sometimes unwilling group of people. A group of people that you don’t always understand. They both require much of you and they both place much responsibility on you.

To ask for wisdom at the start of leading parenting makes me pause. I think back to my first pregnancy. My first little one. That moment the nurses handed me my baby. The first time I saw him on an ultrasound. The first time I looked into his beautiful eyes. The moment I saw “PREGNANT” come across the pregnancy test. The moment I looked on his perfect face. I think about and remember the prayers I prayed at each of these moments. I prayed for health. I prayed for his future. I prayed for my health during pregnancy and labor. I prayed for safety. I prayed for sleep. I prayed for and continue to pray for him. I pray for his day. I pray that he loves the Lord. I pray for patience (that one’s for me). I pray to understand boys. I pray that one day I won’t have to clean the bathroom daily. I pray for the right words for me and for him.

But I have never prayed for wisdom. 

None of these prayers are bad or foolish. No, they tell of a love so great. They tell a story of my heart for my son. These prayers are beautiful and (mostly) selfless. These prayers are prayers of a mother’s heart. I do not pause and think on the prayer for wisdom because my prayers or my thoughts are bad. I pause and think on praying for wisdom because I have honestly, rarely thought on wisdom and parenting.

Oh I have certainly sought after knowledge. ReallyI pretty constantly seek after knowledge. It is a frequent topic of conversation between my husband and I. It is a frequent topic of conversation between my friends and I. It is a frequent prayer request. It is a frequent journal entry. I read books on parenting. I read books on understanding boys. I receive weekly emails reminding me of the stage my toddler is currently in. I love knowledge and I am grateful that it is so readily available.

None of this seeking knowledge is bad. Again, it is a testament to the love I have for my children. It is evidence of the heart I have for them. But. But there is more I should be seeking. There is something bigger, something grander than this knowledge.  And it is wisdom.

You see, wisdom and knowledge are so different. They are worlds apart. Literally. Knowledge is gained through life experiences. Knowledge is gleaned through reading, researching, living. Knowledge is learned through people: through our self and others.
Wisdom, however, is not gained from other people but from God. Proverbs 9:10 tells us:

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom
and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.”

Wisdom is learned by fearing the Lord. Fearing Him means knowing Him. Wisdom is gained by drawing closer to Him. Wisdom is gained by spending time in His word. Wisdom is gained by exchanging our thoughts for His thoughts. Wisdom is gained by exchanging our knowledge for His knowledge. 

So instead of praying for a new friend. Instead of praying for health. Instead of praying for this current parenting struggle. What if. What if we prayed for wisdom? Because, dear friends, this parenting thing. It is hard. It is intense and important. It is ever changing and world changing. So instead of praying for health, wealth or even our comfort, what if we prayed for wisdom. What if we boldly stepped out of our comfort zones, out of our routines and prayed for the wisdom of the Lord?

It promises to be life changing: both the lives of our children and our own. It promises to be stretching. We will do things differently if we seek more than knowledge. We will live our lives differently. We will lead differently. We will raise up our children differently.

So will you join me in praying for wisdom? Will you join me in stepping out of our comfort zones, out of our search for more and more knowledge? All to seek Him. All to know Him more. Oh dear friend, I love that seeking wisdom reaches past parenting and applies to each of us, in every facet of our lives. I love that seeking wisdom promises to change us. And I love that wisdom promises us more of Him. I pray you will join me in changing the way we live. 

love to you

17 thoughts on “Seeking Wisdom

  1. This post really resonates me. I am been on a personal quest for knowledge, faith, and wisdom, and my prayers have reflected that. I work in a Catholic school, and when I ask for students’ special intentions before prayer, they’re often short-sighted and contained in their little bubbles – they pray for the football game, the soccer team, the weekend, etc. I always try to model including prayers for other things, people, and causes, and I will include your call to pray for wisdom.


  2. Give me wisdom and knowledge to go out and come in before this people,
    for who can govern this people of Yours, which is so grand?”

    Wow nothing, but wisdom.


  3. Wisdom is something I search for constantly too. I feel like you can learn about everything but wisdom goes deeper than that. This is a wonderful post.


  4. I am so with you there! Although I’m not a mom I still feel wisdom is soooo much needed especially as I continually grow and mature! This is something I’m trying to work on now its tough to know whats right and whats not! Thank you for this very insightful post!!!

    Jasmine 🙂
    BTW I came from The Blog Love Project!


  5. Yes, this is so good. Thanks for the reminder that we don’t have to parent our children alone. I am often praying for rest, patience, etc., but not wisdom. I love thinking about wisdom as exchanging our knowledge for his…I need that!


  6. I so relate to that paragraph about you having your first little one! It’s a season where it almost feels like there’s just too much unknown to even know how to start praying! I’ve prayed for health and all those other things you mentioned and love the idea of praying for wisdom (both for me and our little one). Beautiful words, Ashley!


  7. What a great distinction to make! I love this shift in perspective and will do my best to focus on those seeking wisdom prayers. Thank you for sharing your heart on this! Parenting is a form of leadership and what better way to stay centered than to pray for God’s wisdom to inform our parenting/leadership.


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